DirectSource: A New Way to Source Candidates

Today, companies are struggling more than ever to attract new employees. With a competitive job market and continuously shifting workforce trends, businesses are finding it difficult to fill open positions. Even proven solutions such as temp-to-hire placements have had obstacles to overcome in the current employment climate.

As you explore hiring options for the coming year, you might want to consider DirectSource.

DirectSource is an alternative to traditional temp-to-hire staffing where a new employee immediately transitions to your payroll.

One of the benefits of this staffing plan is that you’re able to attract more candidates. Here are a few of the reasons why a DirectSource opportunity can be more appealing to applicants:

Higher starting salary:

With temporary or temp-to-hire positions, an employee may start at a lower pay rate which increases in increments. Through DirectSource, since they aren’t transitioning from working for an employment agency to your company, this will most likely impact the initial wage you will be offering.

A shorter waiting period for benefits:

Through DirectSource, a new employee is eligible for benefits right away or they are immediately put in the standard waiting period. The benefits you provide can be a key selling point especially if candidates have family members to consider when making their decision. For many, benefits like healthcare and PTO are more important in the hiring process than salary.

An added sense of security:

Employee turnover is a major problem for companies of all types and sizes. It can be costly to hire and train new workers and it’s hard to retain top talent if other employers are offering better wages or benefits. In some work environments “temporary” employees may feel separate from the organization’s regular employees. With DirectSource, the associate begins as a full-time employee which can be a key factor in performance, attitude and morale.

For these reasons, you’re more likely to attract new candidates and it’s less likely that you’ll lose current candidates for a perceived “full-time” job with another employer. Additionally, with DirectSource, your staffing partner will still manage the recruiting, screening and interviewing of candidates.

If you’re interested in learning more about DirectSource as a staffing solution, contact The Reserves Network. We have worked with many customers who have found this to be their preferred hiring program and can provide more information on how it works.

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