5 Ways to Improve Your Daily Work Routine

Do you often feel like there are not enough hours in the workday to get your tasks done? While you can’t add more time to the day, you can improve your work routine to maximize the time you do have. Optimize Your To-Do List Each morning, make a list of the tasks you must complete… Read More »

The Tough Consequences of Making a Bad Hire

Extending a job offer after going through the expense and time-consuming legwork of advertising the job, narrowing applicants, conducting interviews and making your final decision can be a thrilling time. Sometimes, however, a candidate who looked good during the hiring process quickly makes it clear that they were not the right person for the job.… Read More »

How Can this Fun Event from Kindergarten Improve Your Communication at Work?

  Thinking back to kindergarten, you may recall one of your favorite activities – Show and Tell. Sure, it was probably scary for your five-year-old self to stand up in front of your class, but it was worth overcoming your nerves to share something important to you. Apply this same tactic when you are communicating… Read More »

Beat Your Procrastination Habit for Good!

  Procrastination can kill your productivity and add to your stress and anxiety levels – but that doesn’t stop most of us from succumbing to it from time to time. The key is to understand why you are procrastinating and what can you do to break the habit. Some common reasons behind procrastination are: You’re… Read More »

Why a Strong Workplace Culture is More Important Than Ever

  In recent years, workplace culture has come to generate images of ping-pong tables and a well-stocked beer fridge for employees. While those can be elements of specific organizational culture, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Culture is the personality of the business and encompasses the norms that dictate the way employees approach their work… Read More »

Can You (and Should You) Recruit Without The Internet?

  According to research from MIT, people spend an average of 24 hours a week, one full day, online. There is no denying that getting recruitment ads in front of people online can help with visibility, but many companies resist this form of recruitment. Understanding the ins and outs of paid advertising isn’t easy, and… Read More »

The Differences Between Millennials and Gen Z that Could Affect Your Hiring

  You’ve likely spent the better part of the last decade working to understand how to attract and retain millennials, and now, it’s time to welcome a new generation to the workforce. Generation Z, individuals born from 1996 to 2010, are beginning to enter the job market. Here’s what you need to know if you’re… Read More »

What is the Loneliness Epidemic and is It Affecting Your Workplace?

Thanks to technology, people have never been more “connected” than they are today, but despite our ability to reach out to anyone, at any time, personal interactions are on the decline and loneliness is on the rise. Though we work next to people all day long, many Americans are noticing loneliness creep into their work… Read More »

The Benefits of Leveraging Block Scheduling

Hospitals, long-term care centers and other health facilities leverage per diem and PRN professionals to meet the ever-changing demands of their environments. These solutions provide efficient access to skilled professionals, but they can also create inconsistencies. Through block scheduling, facilities can close the gaps associated with per diem and PRN engagements, while still reaping the… Read More »

Why are So Many Employees Ghosting and What Can Your Company Do About It?

Candidates who don’t show up for interviews. New hires who don’t show up on day one or return for day two. Employees who quit with zero notice. This is a trend known as “ghosting” and employers are dealing with a surge of workers who engage in the practice. In fact, USA Today estimates that 20… Read More »