Manufacturing & Technology in 2020

Technology continues to have a major impact on manufacturing and 2020 will be another year of evolution, innovation and change in the industry. Here are some of the hottest tech trends and topics to keep an eye on in the coming year. The Rise of Cobots Few industries have been impacted by robotics and automation… Read More »

Set SMART Goals for Yourself and Your Employees in 2020

There is an old saying that says you cannot hit a target you cannot see. This is especially true for your employees. Without clearly defined goals, neither you nor your employees know where to focus your energy to ensure success. By setting measurable and attainable goals, you will not only see a boost in performance… Read More »

Using Stay Interviews to Prevent Exit Interviews

Article provided by guest contributor Denise McKee.   The price of replacing an associate who leaves the company can be staggering: just the act of finding another employee can cost thousands. If you’re conducting more exit interviews than you would like, it might be time to consider implementing stay interviews in your employee retention program.… Read More »

Changes You Should Make to Gear Up for the New Year

The new year is quickly approaching, making this a great time to think about changes you can make to improve your team’s productivity, outlook, and results when the calendar turns. Here are some resolutions you should think about making to get your department geared up for 2020. Provide Growth Opportunities You have talented people on… Read More »

The Most Common Misconceptions of Staffing Firms

If you have roles that are difficult to fill or if you have an ongoing need for temporary employees, you might have thought about partnering with a staffing firm. However, some people hesitate to hire a staffing expert because they have some preconceived ideas about what staffing companies do and how they do it. Here… Read More »

How Many Generations Are in the Workforce Today and How Should You Manage All of Them?

Americans are living longer – and working longer. In fact, two percent of the American workforce is older than 72. That means that companies can have as many as five generations working under one roof and in many cases, on the same teams. Given the vast differences between people in their 20’s and people in their 70’s,… Read More »

What to Do When You Get Ghosted by a Candidate

If you’ve ever had a talented candidate become completely unresponsive with no explanation, you’ve probably been ghosted. Ghosting is a term that comes from the dating world and it was named for the phenomenon of ending a relationship by abruptly cutting off all communication with the other person. In recruiting, ghosting is becoming more common as candidates opt to… Read More »

Is Technology Helping or Hurting Our Productivity at Work?

Today, we rely on technology like never before in our professional lives. We use it to conduct daily tasks, handle schedules, keep us connected and organized. But is technology helping or harming our productivity? Ways Technology Helps Productivity  There are many ways connectivity and technology have helped us improve our productivity, including: Efficiency: In the… Read More »

Why Candidates in Staffing Agency Databases Get Hired Faster Than Candidates on Job Boards

Hiring a new employee can take anywhere from three weeks to six months. There are a host of reasons why hiring can drag on, but typically, it boils down to a lack of resources and time. Hiring often gets pushed to the back burner when there are other organizational priorities, and a slow hiring process… Read More »

35 Years in the Making

The Reserves Network is proud to be celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2019. A lot has changed for us over the years, and in the staffing industry too. This e-book highlights some of these key advancements and milestones. Click here to view.… Read More »