Creative Hiring Solutions in a Post Pandemic World

Businesses across the country have had their recruiting efforts impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, it is crucial to find creative solutions to catch up on lost production time.

There are several ways to attract the top talent you are searching for, such as offering bonuses, a flexible work schedule, competitive wages and showing your employees much-deserved appreciation.

Offer bonuses.

In a tough hiring market, give quality candidates a reason to accept an offer with your company. Incentives like hiring or attendance bonuses are a great start.

A good bonus program can increase morale and productivity, giving employees the motivation to achieve production and professional goals. As an added perk, this may also create a buzz about your company to be a good place to work.

Create flexible shifts.

Happy employees are productive employees. Work-life balance is a priority for more and more job seekers in today’s workforce. Meet this need by offering flexible shifts to help your employees juggle personal and professional responsibilities more easily.

This flexibility gives you room to create additional shifts to increase lost production time and have less employees on site for social distancing purposes.

Evaluate pay rates.

It is also in the best interest of your company to pay your employees well. Conduct regular wage analyses for similar jobs in your area to ensure your employees are receiving competitive wages.

Consider offering a short-term pay increase for priority employees working through the pandemic, as well.

Host Employee Appreciation days or activities.

It’s important to keep things operating smoothly and efficiently, but you also want to make work fun and rewarding! Hand out branded shirts, water bottles, face masks, or other fun giveaways—not only are you providing your employees with something useful, but you are also creating walking advertisements for your business!

While a large cookout may not be possible with current social distancing guidelines, consider rewarding hardworking employees with gift cards to local restaurants, provide boxed lunches, or have a food truck on site to show your appreciation.

Showcase added safety measures.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to attract candidates in this hiring environment is to clearly communicate your company’s added safety measures in relation to COVID-19.

Employees want to feel safe and taken care of while on the job. Consider creating advertisements for your business showing your increased safety protocols, post signage around your facility, and increase safety training for your team members.

This is another way to demonstrate that you have a company culture that cares about its employees.

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