Why a Strong Workplace Culture is More Important Than Ever


In recent years, workplace culture has come to generate images of ping-pong tables and a well-stocked beer fridge for employees. While those can be elements of specific organizational culture, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Culture is the personality of the business and encompasses the norms that dictate the way employees approach their work each day. Culture is unique and specific to every organization, but one thing is universally true: a strong workplace culture is more important than ever.

A Positive Culture Improves Retention

Anyone who has worked in a toxic culture understands how greatly it impacts their work and personal lives. If you have personally ever worked in a toxic culture, you probably didn’t work at that organization very long. A positive culture breeds collaboration, teamwork, support and high employee satisfaction. A positive culture will not prevent every employee from leaving, but it will improve long-term retention across the board.

A Great Culture Drives Business Outcomes

When employees are happy and engaged in their work, they simply do a better job. They produce a higher quality of work and achieve or exceed goals.  Furthermore, when employees are happy and productive, it generates better customer outcomes. Not only do customers get a better direct result from an engaged workforce, they are also typically happier when they have to call sales or customer service to correct a problem or to complain about an issue.

A Great Company Culture is A Recruiting Tool

When candidates research your company, they will be looking for cues about your organizational culture. First and foremost, applicants are likely to search sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to see employee reviews. Low reviews – even if they are from obviously disgruntled employees – will make people think twice about applying, but positive reviews will reinforce their interest. They will also search social media to see if your employees advocate working for you, if they trash talk, or if they say nothing at all.  Encourage your best and happiest employees to post their reviews and become cultural ambassadors on social media so they can help project your culture and attract a higher caliber of talent.

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