National Safety Month: How to Communicate Your Safety Plan to Employees

National Safety Month

If employee safety for your organization is a top priority, you cannot simply “set it and forget it.” Orientation for new employees and the occasional safety meeting are simply not enough to keep safe practices top-of-mind, especially as things change over time. This National Safety Month, take time to develop effective strategies to communicate your safety plan to employees.

Send Safety Emails

At least once a month, send a company-wide safety email that outlines standards, highlights changes and recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond in regard to safety. If the company puts out a monthly or quarterly newsletter, include safety information in that publication, as well.

Post Signage Throughout the Facility

Make sure all mandatory OSHA signage is displayed in the appropriate places, but don’t stop there. Create facility-specific signage and posters and place them in highly visible places throughout the workplace. Make sure to change those signs regularly; if the signs stay the same, they will begin to blend into the background for workers.

Hold Regular Safety Meetings

Make safety information part of every regular staff meeting, and once per quarter, hold a company-wide, mandatory safety meeting.  The more you talk about safety, the more it will become part of your workplace culture.

Include Safety in Employee Reviews

If you want employees to take safety seriously, make it part of their review process. If an employee is not using best practices, they should be coached to adopt the correct processes. Likewise, employees who continually adhere to safety standards should be recognized.

Hold Unannounced Safety Checks

Managers and leaders should conduct unannounced safety checks on a regular basis. Create a uniform checklist to follow and develop a zero tolerance policy for ignoring company standards. When hazards or unsafe practices are uncovered, call a safety meeting to review and reinforce proper processes.

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