How To Tell If Your Employees Are Losing Interest

Finding employees that are both talented and passionate about their jobs can be a tall order. Often-times, employers are lucky if they can find an employee that is one or the other. However, if an employee is talented but not passionate about what they do, you may find that they are losing interest. Avoid losing one of your employees unexpectedly by paying attention to these key behaviors.

Less engagement

When an employee loves their job, everything is great; they talk about their projects and accomplishments all the time; they can’t wait to show up to work; they go the extra mile and come up with new processes or ways the company can improve. Watch for employees that start losing their drive. If employees start to disengage from their work, find a way to reignite their flame by giving them a new assignment or goals to strive for.

A drop in productivity

If a job becomes less interesting, it will lose its value to employees. This lack of appeal can lead workers to care less about deadlines or quotas. This is a good sign that a staff member is falling off or ready to jump ship. Find a way to make the workday less of a drag for these employees by adding a few easy perks like free snacks, an extra break or a longer lunch. Keeping these employees fresher may be just what they needed to stay positive and productive at work.

No proactivity

Employees that need constant delegation and reminders in order to perform their daily tasks, show a clear sign of low interest in their jobs. Ideally employees will go above and beyond to make sure that if there is a problem they can solve, they will fix it. If an employee’s problem is a lack in proactivity, you may find that emphasizing bonuses and giving them words of encouragement for their proactive behaviors is the positive reinforcement they have been waiting for.


This may be the easiest to spot but the hardest problem to deal with. A passionless employee will not only display their lack of interest in their performance at work, it will also show in their body language. Employees that have lost passion for their position will have less of an opinion, even in matters that involve their department. They will appear more relaxed or possibly slouched.

Take these employees aside and find out what exactly is going on. Do they need to be reassigned or given a more fulfilling project to inspire them to work more fervently?

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