How to Show Your Gratitude to Your Employees

Showing your employees gratitude is an often overlooked part of being a manager. Some managers assume that their employees know that they are appreciated, while others don’t see a need to show employee appreciation whatsoever. Both scenarios can lead to severe turnover rates through low staff job satisfaction. Raise office morale by appreciating your employees in a way that makes them feel it.

Early and often

Set the tone for how new employees perceive the culture of your company by showing gratitude to new hires and veteran employees every day. By simply giving thanks or saying, “great job”, on a regular basis, you will fill your warehouse with gratitude and energy. This helps to establish the foundation of a positive, employee-first company culture.

“I’ve been raised to believe that we are entitled to nothing and that we should appreciate everything. This works both ways for teams of all types. Teams deserve great managers – and managers deserve great teams. Opportunities provided to both parties are gifts that should never be taken for granted. When the relationship is at its peak, both deserve appreciation for the commitment,” Neil Stallard, The Reserves Network CEO.


Create a culture of encouragement

One of the greatest ways to show your employees gratitude is to promote encouragement. Your employees will know how much they are appreciated if they hear it every day from their co-workers and superiors. Create a platform for employees to share their accomplishments and to praise others.

Treat your team like people and not personnel

It’s hard to feel gratitude when you feel as though you are replaceable or just a number. Show your employees that they matter by treating them like people and not personnel. Their personal lives should matter to you more than their value as an employee. Get to know your employees on a personal level and find out what you can do to give them a better work-life balance. It could be something as simple as a change in shifts so that they can pick up their children after school.

Listen to their needs

A pat on the back and even small incentives don’t show your employees a whole lot of gratitude if it isn’t addressing any of their needs. Find out what could make your employees’ jobs easier or better yet, what could make their lives easier and make those changes within your organization.

For more information on improving management skills or increasing employee morale, contact the experts at The Reserves Network today! We have helped thousands of businesses throughout the U.S. find top talent.

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