How Much Social Recruiting Should You Really Do?

Is social recruiting the answer for 2016? If 2015 is any indication, then it’s not the answer, but part of the answer. There are a few things to carefully consider to determine if recruiting on social media is the right fit for your next hire.

What kind of company am I?

Are you the kind of company that would attract social media users? If not, it would be wise to focus on more conventional recruiting methods.

Who is my ideal candidate?

Know your audience. While the pool of social media users is vast and growing, you still might find that the individual that you are hoping to isn’t receptive to non-conventional recruiting methods.

The benefits

As the numbers of social media profiles grow, so too will the number of viable candidates who use these platforms on a regular basis. Likewise, the more common social recruiting becomes, the more comfortable social media users will be with this form of recruitment. If this trend continues to grow, your candidates won’t think twice if you invite them to your career page via a direct message or by tagging them in a tweet.

This staffing strategy is a great way to reach more passive job seekers. Active job seekers that scour the job boards are not hard to find. However, the more passive applicants or professionals that aren’t necessarily seeking a new job will require you to make the first move. With social recruiting, you are able to show them the position they just may be looking for, but haven’t actively sought out.

Recruiting candidates through social media also gives you an advantageous look into what a candidate’s lifestyle is. You may come across very telling information on a potential hire’s profile that makes you think twice about moving them on to the next steps in the hiring process. You may also find that a particular individual has interests and beliefs that directly align with the company’s goals. This insight can be more valuable than a cover letter or a resume.

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