Tips to Make Summer Recruiting a Breeze

Summer signifies the start of vacation for most people, but it doesn’t mean that your recruiting efforts can take a vacation. In fact, with the summer lull and less competition for top talent, you have a better chance at standing out in front of candidates. But the summer season also brings some challenges when it comes to attracting new talent.

Here are a few tips for recruiting during the upcoming summer months:

1. Encourage employee referrals

Referral hiring has proven to be more successful than traditional recruitment methods like job boards, as it’s easier for companies to find qualified applicants through their existing staff base rather than through external sources like social media or paid ads. To encourage referrals from employees, create a referral bonus program that rewards those who refer qualified candidates with an added bonus on top of their salary. This will incentivize employees to actively participate in the process of finding new hires.

Employee referrals can also benefit your retention as people are likely to remain with a company where their friends or family work.

2. Reflect your company culture in recruiting materials

Your company culture defines who you are as an organization. It’s the reason why people come to work for you and the reason they stay at your company. Furthermore, it’s what differentiates you from competitors. Be sure to highlight the benefits and perks that make working at your company worth it — like flexible hours or a relaxed dress code.

Take advantage of the summer months by hosting cookouts or other themed recruiting events.

3. Work with your local college or university

This is the time of year when students are graduating and looking for jobs. They’re more aware that they need to get work experience before starting their careers, so they’re more likely to take an internship or entry-level position.

Students are less likely to have full-time jobs during the summer months —meaning they’ll be more available for interviews during this time period than at other times during the year. You’ll have access to a number of qualified candidates who may not be looking elsewhere because they don’t know what’s available in your industry or market area yet.

While the summer season might challenge you to recruit new employees, it also represents an opportunity to attract some of your best talent. With less competition involved in finding top prospects, the summer lends itself to snagging strong recruits that could be harder to come by at other times of the year.

If you need help with recruiting a summer workforce, contact The Reserves Network today. We can provide recruiting solutions that are comprehensive and easy to manage, giving you the chance to cool off this summer.