3 Entry Level Jobs Worth Considering

Many job seekers have high career aspirations. They want to get to where they are going right away. This, unfortunately, isn’t quite how it typically works. Even if you have high expectations for your career, everyone needs to start somewhere.

Entry-level positions are perfect for those just entering the workforce, switching careers, seeking seasonal employment, needing to gain more experience or honing certain skills. Even if these positions aren’t in the industry you want to work in long-term, they can help you become a more well-rounded candidate.

Here are three entry-level jobs worth considering:

Customer Service Representatives

The skills needed to excel in a customer service role can follow you into any job in any industry at any level! Most customer service representatives are tasked with solving problems as they arise. Real-time problem solving like this requires you to be quick on your feet and come up with solutions in a timely manner. This is a very attractive quality to any future employer.

Customer service positions require you to learn how to communicate clearly, work with the public in a polite and professional manner, address the needs or concerns of different personalities and think critically to come up with solutions quickly.

Warehouse Work

An entry-level warehouse position requires you to learn how to work under strict deadlines. Sometimes, you must work in high energy environments. Future employers will see that you can perform well in demanding conditions.

Warehouse positions also place a heavy emphasis on safety. This is a crucial skill, as any workplace strives to keep its employees as safe as possible, regardless of the job duties they may be assigned.

Non-Profit Organization

Opportunities in this industry are a great way to round out your resume. For example, if you want to work in marketing but have no experience, reach out to a local non-profit organization and ask if they are looking for volunteers.

Most non-profit organizations are understaffed, which means that not only would you be learning your own role, but that of your boss or coworkers so you can fill if whenever needed. This type of versatility and flexibility is attractive to future employers in any industry.

Need helping finding an entry-level job?

The holidays are ripe with seasonal employment opportunities. This makes for the perfect time to find an entry-level position in order to boost your resume, add to your skillset and gain the experience you need.

Staffing agencies offer a number of entry-level jobs. At The Reserves Network, we have strong relationships with local companies who trust our judgment, opening up a wealth of opportunities for job seekers like you.

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