Advantages of Seasonal Work

As fall continues and the holiday season draws near, there are a lot of businesses depending on extra workers to help them handle their peak seasonal hiring needs.

While seasonal employment isn’t just for the holidays, this time of year is the one of the best times to find flexible work opportunities. Additionally, due to the pandemic, many companies are looking to catch up on lost production time. Keep reading to learn about the various benefits of working a seasonal job.

Earn extra cash.

Seasonal employment provides a great way to supplement your income, like if you already have a part- or full-time position but need some extra money for holiday expenses.

These job opportunities are almost endless and many companies have raised pay rates to compete for employees. There are positions in just about every season and experience level. Work in retail during peak busy times like the holidays, landscaping during summer or winter or office positions during tax season.

Get to know the company.

Most of the time, seasonal jobs are entry-level positions. This is a great opportunity to get work experience to put on your resume, especially if you haven’t been out in the workforce long or if you are looking to change your career.

A seasonal position also allows you to get to know the company and the industry, giving you time to learn if it’s the right fit for you without a long-term commitment.

Learn valuable skills.

Seasonal positions can be found in almost any industry, but are most common in the retail, manufacturing and agriculture fields. This type of position gives you the space to learn valuable skills, both personally and professionally.

Taking on a seasonal job allows you to learn how to adapt to various working environments, provides opportunities to perfect your customer service and other skills that are easily transferrable to other industries and positions.

Round out your resume.

Accepting a seasonal position is a great way to fill employment gaps or round out your resume if you’re new to the workforce or want to change your career.

These jobs can provide opportunities for professional growth, demonstrate a strong work ethic and show a willingness to learn. All are great characteristics to highlight on your resume.

Land a full-time job.

Seasonal jobs can also lead to full-time employment, if that’s an end goal for you. During the weeks or months you are working your seasonal position, show your employer what you have to offer if a full-time position becomes available.

Be sure to communicate to your manager that you’re interested in remaining with the company long-term so they know you are a viable candidate for any openings they may have.

While seasonal work comes with many benefits, it can be hard to find the right opportunity. The Reserves Network works with many companies that specifically look for employees for their peak season needs and can help match you with a company that fits. Contact our experienced recruiters for more information.