More Than Temporary

According to the American Staffing Association, on average, three million employees are on assignment through staffing companies weekly, and 16 million employees throughout the year.

Your company may have considered using a staffing firm to help with hiring needs but hesitated due to uncertainty of the services that are offered.

More than just general labor.

While a majority of staffing companies provide support for general labor positions, there are many other sectors that the industry touches.

A common staffing misconception is that firms only recruit for entry-level, temporary positions. There are many staffing companies that specialize in multiple industries, helping people find work from entry-level to senior management roles:

  • 36% Industrial
  • 24% Office–Clerical and Administrative
  • 21% Professional–Managerial
  • 11% Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific
  • 8% Health Care

More than temporary.

While it’s true that a staffing agency can help businesses fill immediate, part-time needs, they also specialize in creating long-lasting relationships, as most staffing employees (73%) transition into full-time positions. In addition to providing staff for temporary and seasonal work, most companies offer temp-to-hire and direct hire placement services.

Through temp-to-hire, you have the flexibility to work with a candidate before making a long-term commitment. This ensures the candidate has the skill sets you require and is a fit for your workplace culture before making a long-term commitment.

The staffing industry is a great resource when making a direct placement. With teams of specialized recruiters, you will have access to active and passive candidates typically not found on job boards. This saves on time spent screening and testing applicants, allowing you to streamline key hiring decisions.

More than a commodity.

As human resources has evolved, so too has the staffing industry. Many of your local “temp agencies” are actually subject matter experts that can provide valuable insights and solutions on safety programs, payroll servicing, on-site workforce management and other key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical to the success of your operations.

Whether you work with a staffing firm or not, as you make projections for upcoming hiring needs, it is wise to seek out their consultation. If you have an existing staffing partnership, make sure business reviews are on your calendar. These provide an opportunity to discuss service commitments, market trends, process improvements and goals, as well as other service offerings of which you may not be aware.

At The Reserves Network, we provide staffing for multiple industries, professional and direct placement recruiting and offer different workforce solutions other than the traditional temp-to-hire approach. Most importantly, through our consultative approach, we treat the relationships we have with our customers as true partnerships.

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