How to Tackle Your Job Search When You’re an Introvert

Introvert Job Search


Introverts may have a harder time acing interviews when talking with strangers is outside their comfort zone. A great interview is vital to getting hired — failing to overcome shyness or a reluctance to sell yourself hurts your chances. Follow these guidelines to improve the likelihood on landing the job.


  • Go to an interview well-prepared.

Rehearsing interview questions and learning about the company gives you confidence to excel in an interview, even if you’re naturally nervous or shy.  The more you learn and the more prep you do, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the more impressive a candidate you’ll be.


  • Create your elevator pitch.

Determine what you want to say to sell yourself. Create a succinct pitch so you don’t ramble or get nervous when asked about your qualifications. Not only is this helpful for interviews, it will also make networking easier—something else introverts often have issues with.


  • Practice bragging about your accomplishments.

Talking yourself up is uncomfortable.  Practice touting your accomplishments so you get used to it. Introduce discussions about career successes and projects you’re excited about when talking to friends and family so you grow more accustomed to talking about what you can do.


  • Film yourself.

Record yourself rehearsing answers to interview questions and get yourself and watch the way you respond. Pay attention to the volume of your voice, whether you’re making eye contact and whether your answers sound clear and concise. Tweak the things you don’t like. You’ll perfect your interview skills and grow more confident.


  • Get help from supportive friends and family.

Ask your loved ones to practice interviewing with you. The more you talk about yourself and answer common interview questions, the less nervous you will be. Ideally, your friends and family will give helpful feedback, too.


  • Relax and visualize success.

Come to your interview early after a good night’s rest. Visualize yourself being successful in the interview so you won’t be as worried about how you’ll perform.  Think about how the interview can advance your career instead of letting your nerves get the best of you. 

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