3 Entry Level Jobs Worth Considering

Many job seekers have high career aspirations. They want to get to where they are going right away. This, unfortunately, isn’t quite how it typically works. Even if you have high expectations for your career, everyone needs to start somewhere. Entry-level positions are perfect for those just entering the workforce, switching careers, seeking seasonal employment,… Read More »

5 Tips for Asking Your Boss for More Responsibility

You’ve been working hard at your job for a while and you feel ready to take on more responsibility so you can grow and develop in your career. How can you get that responsibility granted to you? Use these tips to ask your boss for more. Make Sure You Appear Ready for More Responsibility You… Read More »

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning: Update Your References

  When an interviewer asks for your references, you’re most likely on the shortlist for the position. Your references can make or break whether or not you receive the offer. When is the last time you thought about whom you have on your reference list? When you start your career, your references may be teachers,… Read More »

This is Your Year! Break These 4 Bad Job Searching Habits Today!

Has your job search stalled? Are you sending out a lot of applications but your phone isn’t ringing? You could be engaging in some bad job search habits. Unfortunately, these bad habits are easy to fall into – but – good news! – they are also easy to correct. If you’re ready to land a… Read More »

How to Get the Job with a Great First Impression

  First impressions matter, and you don’t get a do-over. In fact, 33% of employers decide within 90 seconds of interviewing an applicant whether they will hire them, and a whopping 55% of first impressions center on how a person dresses, acts, and walks in to the room. Here are some quick tips on how… Read More »

Where Will Your Packing Job Take Your Career?

  Working in distribution centers and warehouses all over the country, packers play a vital role in the production and shipment of goods, pulling merchandise from shelves and preparing them for delivery. It’s a balancing act of teamwork and beating deadlines, and skill to locate, pack, and ship items in large facilities. While no two… Read More »

In Defense of the Cover Letter – Why it’s Just as Important as Your Resume

  While everyone knows a resume is an integral component of the job search process, it is not the only critical document of which to be mindful. A strategically written and targeted cover letter can be a powerful job search tool, especially when trying to set yourself up for an interview. Here’s a closer look… Read More »

How to Demonstrate Your Industry Knowledge During a Job Interview

Part of nailing a job interview is doing as much research as you can about the company you’re applying to. This helps you find answers to questions you might have about working there and makes it easier to build rapport with the hiring manager. Prepping for a successful interview takes more than just looking at… Read More »

How to Tackle Your Job Search When You’re an Introvert

  Introverts may have a harder time acing interviews when talking with strangers is outside their comfort zone. A great interview is vital to getting hired — failing to overcome shyness or a reluctance to sell yourself hurts your chances. Follow these guidelines to improve the likelihood on landing the job.   Go to an… Read More »

How to Find a Job after Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment makes employers nervous, even if there was a good reason you were jobless for months, or even years. As a job-seeker, you must overcome a potential employer’s concerns if you want to get hired.   Earn new credentials: Employers worried about long-term unemployment are put at ease if they see you’ve recently continued… Read More »