Relationship-Based Hiring: Why Data Doesn’t Always Deliver

There is a major paradigm shift happening in the world of human resources and talent management. Companies at the cutting edge are now moving toward a more relational, personality-driven, and behavior-focal approach to choosing candidates to hire. It is becoming clear that employee retention and satisfaction may suffer when data precedes real, human recruitment. How does this paradigm shift affect your hiring processes? You may need to extrapolate less and converse more in order to find the actual best fit for your vacancy – and the best fit may not be the best on-paper choice.

Candidates Are People

Yes, it is entirely necessary to look at data when harvesting talent from a pool of 500 resumes. To see each individual applicant as a person with emotions and goals and quirks would take forever. To begin, there must be benchmarks of experience and capability that weed out people who cannot or should not fill the role at hand. However, once top candidates are amassed, it is essential to begin to get to know them. Before you ever interview, look at their social profiles, see them as humans, and begin to appreciate them individually. When you do interview, ask questions that reach beyond assessing capability. Assume that the interviewees can do the job and begin learning how they would approach certain situations, what they want out of their careers as a whole, and how they would fit with your current team.

“Numbers Never Lie” is a Lie

Fact: many candidates do actually lie on resumes, thus straining the efficacy of mining candidates based on data alone. Even among resumes that tell the truth, two candidates with matching numbers are by no means guaranteed to perform similarly in a given role. Without developing a relationship with top talent, it would be impossible to truly determine fit.

Find Your Fit

We recommend a mixed method of data extrapolation and relationship-building to find Mr. or Ms. Right-for-the-job. To narrow down heaps of hopefuls, data is the best recourse. Once you have the pool of candidates who bear the right numbers in experience, education, and any other X-factors, it’s essential to humanize. Rather than devise a rubric of personality must-haves, encourage your hiring managers to research and reach-out the way you might get to know a neighbor – be friendly, engaged, and curious.


This is not the “easy” way to find excellent employees. The easy way is to pick the best resumes out of a pile, interview to confirm, and pick the least awkward interviewee. Choosing employees based on who they are instead of what they are takes time and patience. Work alongside a staffing agency that has been doing this for years. TRN outperforms other recruitment firms by providing referrals for candidates we’ve made the effort to know personally. With us, you will get more than a stack of resumes you could have procured on your own. We do the legwork. See what the TRN Staffing model is all about.

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10 Ways to Maximize Your Salary

10 Ways to Maximize Your Salary


It seems like everyone nowadays is looking to stretch a dollar. No matter how much you make, saving money where you can is beneficial. Here are some easy ways to save:


Buy holiday gifts well in advance, such as a scarf that has gone on sale during the spring. Purchase birthday, holiday and special cards before the holiday, or right afterwards and save it until next year.


Craigslist is great for free giveaways and cheap buys. Just shop safely, and you could find an amazing deal.


Be sure to check out multiple websites and price check multiple sources before making large purchases like electronics. Chances are the deal you thought you were getting wasn’t that sweet after all. Apps like RedLaser are also helpful for providing easy price comparisons. Bonus Tip:  Try to avoid wandering aimlessly through stores- it will prevent unnecessary purchases!


Rather than paying for things to do in your free time or on the weekends, check out local newspapers for free community events or gatherings.  Whether you’re looking to try something new or find family- friendly activities, chances are there is something free happening in your area. Libraries are a great community resource as well, offering books, movies and more for free.


Before buying an expensive item, wait 24 hours. If you still want it the next day, it may be worth the purchase. There’s a good chance you can talk yourself out of splurging on an item you don’t necessarily need.


The newest iPhone model comes out, and your battery has been running a little slow lately? Don’t use that as an excuse to buy.  Prices on new models are bound to go down, so waiting before getting in line may be the best financial decision.


In theory, credit cards seem great. If you don’t have the money on you in the moment, you can buy what you need, right? Wrong. Using your credit card frequently allows you to lose track of your spending, which can come back and bite you once the bill comes. Using a debit card, or cash instead will force you to keep track of what you’re spending- and you’ll probably do a lot less of it!


We all know the saying. However cliché, it’s worth a shot. Don’t be too quick to pass up a yard sale (especially as we near summer)- you never know what you may be able to find for cheap.


So you’ve run out of food, and rather than go to the grocery store, you’re just going to stop at McDonalds? While you may think that the $5 you spend on fast food isn’t bad, it’s been proven that fast food doesn’t fill you up, and you’ll likely be spending money on snacks soon. Rather than spending $5 in a drive thru, think of all the sandwiches you could be making if you spent $5 on bread and some deli meat- and it’s healthier.


Know what you can and cannot afford. While it may be discouraging at times, having realistic expectations will help you save your money- while being comfortable with where you’re at. Plus, saving for an item over the long term will make the purchase that much more meaningful.

With such a consumer-based society, the desire to spend money is natural. However, by adjusting just a few of the ways you purchase, you can save more than you ever thought you could. Other things to consider is the ability to save more now that things like gas prices have gone down, and to ask about your company’s 401(k) plan. The Reserves Network offers this as one of our many employee benefits- just ask how you can join! Let us help you save.

Make Direct Placements Easier by Partnering with a Recruitment Firm

Is your company looking to fill some vacancies with direct placements? A direct placement differs from a temporary placement in that the hire is permanent. The benefits to direct placement include loyalty, consistency, and an investment made in the employee and by the employee. Direct placements are mutually satisfying but they incur risk. What if the permanent hire doesn’t suit your company? What if the permanent hire determines they are not satisfied in the role? What if the employee doesn’t jell with their teammates?

These concerns are valid … but they can be avoided. By bringing on the perfect candidate as a direct hire, you can reap the benefits of permanence without risking an ill-fit. You probably have questions. The following FAQs may bring clarity to your direct placement dilemma.

How can I find the right candidates for direct placement and know that they’ll fit?

It can be tough to tell. Many talented individuals prefer project work, freelance, or consultative work. However, many family- and career-oriented dynamos are seeking permanent, full-time, dedicated work with a company where they can grow. The best way to find these candidates is to work with a recruiter. Other ways are to scour the Internet, network with people, and develop steadfast relationships in the relevant industries to positions you aim to fill. Once you recruit and hone in on candidates, you can determine fit by phone-screening and interviewing them. Ask questions that cover not only capability to perform job tasks, but also preferences in collaboration, culture, and more. Feel out candidates’ personalities.

What if I don’t have the time to recruit the very best employees? Can I settle for “pretty good?”

No. While this might be OK in a temporary situation, you do not want to invest resources in someone who won’t fit your company long-term. They won’t benefit from an ill-fitting arrangement and neither will your company. If you are pressed for time, it’s best to hand this essential task over to recruitment experts who can handle it and deliver a seamless process.

What would happen if I hired the wrong employee as a direct placement?

The cost of a bad hire can be rather immense. Not only have you lost time and money, but your team must bear the inconsistencies and waves of change that come with high turnover. Instead of marring morale and taking a dip into budget for something that doesn’t pan out, it’s best to make every effort to choose the right fit for everyone involved. To ensure alignment between company vision and candidate ideas, your company would be wise to choose from a pool of pre-screened talent.

Won’t it be difficult to outsource direct placement hiring to a third party?

That depends. Many recruitment firms merely function as a database of job seekers. The recruiters find out who is looking for what type of work, who has which type of background, and they search their database of resumes that suit. Your company deserves more than just a list of names that match based on keywords like “Customer Service” or “IT” – you need insights and a recruitment process tailored toward making educated, informed direct placements based on culture and intention. The Reserves Network can provide these insights. Work with us to make the best possible direct placement hires for your company.

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Recruitment Event at OhioMeansJobs- Medina

Recruitment Event at OhioMeansJobs-Medina

The Reserves Network is hosting a job fair on Wednesday, April 27 from11am-1pm, located at OhioMeansJobs- Medina. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Clerical
  • AP/AR
  • Machine Operation
  • Warehouse Associates

Positions are available in Medina County and Southern Cuyahoga County.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Wednesday, April 27


3721 Pearl Rd

Medina, Ohio 44256

Contact for more information:
The Reserves Network – Brunswick
(330) 273-2600

Kenosha County Job Fair!

Job Fair at Kenosha County Job Service

The Reserves Network is hosting a job fair on Thursday, April 21 from 9am-3pm, located at the Kenosha County Job Service. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Machine Operators
  • CNC Machinists
  • Welders/Fabricators
  • Shipping/Receiving Associates
  • Assemblers
  • Customer Service Reps
  • And MUCH more!

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Thursday, April 21

Kenosha County Job Service

8600 Sheridan Rd

Kenosha, WI 53143

Contact for more information:
The Reserves Network – Milwaukee
(414) 453-9545

Should You Include a Professional Summary on Your Call Center Resume?

Your experience in the world of call center customer service is vast. You know your stuff and you’re ready to move into your next role. How can you be sure that the next recruiter, hiring manager, or customer service director can see – on paper – that you’ve got this? Your resume is the gatekeeper; it should look great and list out all of your previous experiences, of course, but what else?

You can easily snag a fantastic opportunity that takes your career to the next level but you need a next-level resume to make it happen. If you’re looking for call center jobs, check your current resume against the following guidelines: 

Cover the Basics

Always begin with your name, email address, and phone number. You don’t want the hiring manager at your dream call center company to love your resume and then ditch your candidacy because they can’t find a way to reach you.

Pro Tip: Add a Professional Summary

A professional summary is a great way to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Call attention to your top skills and give hirers the 411 straight away. Readers will be able to immediately ascertain who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for to determine relevance. From there, you’re either in or out and everything else is more certain to get read by the right people.

Your summary should include:

  • A general “who you are, professionally” statement such as “I am a Customer Retention Connoisseur”
  • What you’re looking for such as “seeking full-time call center work with room to grow.”
  • Pertinent skills to the job you’re applying for like “I am phone-system savvy, an expert-level multitasker, and equipped with the right answers to quell customer concerns.”


Thoughtfully Recall Your Experience

Don’t babble and don’t repeat. If you used Microsoft Excel in all of your previous jobs, don’t list it six times. List it once, so it is known, and make better use of each entry. List out achievements, results, and benchmarks of your own growth. An interview is a better time to recount specific projects and feelings words. Stick to the version of the truth that will inform and impress.

Tack on Education

College should be one or two bullet points and nothing more. If you were especially acclaimed as a student – Dean’s List, for example – say so briefly. Unless you have no work experience, there is no need to list every organization or club to which you belonged in college. If you did not attend college, do list your high school and any other coursework or training you have. If you have a degree, skip high school and just list your university.


Put your resume to work

A great resume does no good sitting in a filing cabinet or taking up space on your computer. Work with a recruitment agency to be sure your resume is seen and prioritized above your competition. TRN has connections to hundreds of customer service jobs and call centers who are hiring talented representatives just like you. Check out our job board to get started!

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Job Fair In Fairport Harbor, Ohio!

Job Fair at the Fairport Public Library

The Reserves Network is hosting a job fair on Wednesday, April 27 from 9am-12pm, located in the Fairport Public Library. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:
•    Entry Level Assemblers (will train)
•    Expert Excel Office Assistant
•    Machine Operators
•    Machine Handlers

If unable to attend this event apply online at
Please bring a resume or work history.
Wednesday, April 27
Fairport Public Library
355 Vine Street
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077
Contact for more information:
The Reserves Network – Mentor
(440) 974-7171

Recruiting Open House – Banquet Servers Needed!

Join The Reserves Network for a recruiting open house at our Elyria, Ohio office on Wednesday, April 13 from 1-3PM.

We are currently seeking Banquet Servers for a black tie event.

  • $9.00/hr.
  • Event requires one-day commitment.
  • Previous server/banquet experience a plus.
  • Training orientation required.
  • Terrific opportunity to make some extra money.
  • Possibility for future banquet assignments.
  • You can fill out our online application prior to arrival at

Wednesday, April 13

The Reserves Network
541 Midway Blvd.
Elyria, Ohio 44035

Contact for more information:
(440) 324-7001

IDES Career Center Job Fair!

Join The Reserves Network for a job fair at IDES Career Center on Tuesday, April 26 from 10AM-1PM.

We are currently looking for:

  • Assembly Line Workers
  • General Labor
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Warehouse
  • Machine Operators
  • Light Industrial
  • Plastic injection Set-up Technicians

8 – and 12 – hour shifts available.

Please bring a resume with current work history. You can fill out our online application prior to arrival at Be prepared to pass pre-screen testing.

Tuesday, April 26

IDES Career Center
2 Smoketree Lane
North Aurora, IL 60452

Contact for more information:
(815) 302-3760

The Dos and Don’ts of Recruiting Millennials

Everywhere you look online, someone (or some company) is making assumptions about the millennial generation. However, just as with any other generation, generalities and assumptions can be unfair and misleading. People aren’t simple enough to be labeled or categorized, and millennials are no exception. Don’t let this frighten you, but being millennial doesn’t actually mean much.

The millennial candidate pool consists of those born between 1982 to 2004. This means that we’re talking about individuals who are in their early-to-mid thirties, twenties, and most teenagers. Not all of these groups may appeal to your job vacancy, nor do they all come to mind when you think of the ideal millennial candidate. Most likely, you’re thinking of those individuals who are out of college but do not have 10 years of work experience to call upon. You want them because they’re vibrant, tech-smart, and think outside the box – but what do they want from you? The best way to reach these coveted millennials is to get to know them one-on-one – just like any other candidates – but you have to get their attention first! Here are some dos and don’ts to make millennial recruitment easier.

Do: Reimagine the Recruitment Process

Although many millennials are as traditional as the generations before them, many more are chucking the status quo in favor of what works now. This includes overlooking jobs with lengthy application processes and preferring phone or Skype interviews to the real-deal until things get serious. A 10 page app – even if it is online – will get the X.

Don’t: Skimp on Culture

In general, millennials are allergic to the cubicle nine-to-five. If you can offer up flexible hours, work-from-home Wednesdays, or any indication that you’re not-so-stuffy, their ears will perk up. But beware: Though millennials are scoping for fresh and creative companies, Mom and Dad’s perks like medical insurance and 401K are also on their radar.

Do: Scope Socially

LinkedIn and Twitter are the two main social media platforms used in job search in 2016, and they both work two ways. Use the right hashtags or other keywords to place yourself among other openings and get noticed by millennial candidates. However, don’t forget that your candidates’ profiles are also fair game. You can scope for potential candidates by searching for hashtags such as #hireme on Twitter or looking for specific skills such as “Customer Service” on LinkedIn. Step up your game by taking the time to send a personal message or make a connection. They will appreciate the human feel.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Millennials span in age from barely hirable to mid-career parents & homeowners. This is a large group of people with a variety of job-seeking needs and preferences. Why navigate this candidate pool alone? The expert recruiters at The Reserves Network have crafted relationships with the top millennial talent. We can connect you with the candidates your company needs to stay on the cutting edge. Contact TRN today to learn more!

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