“OSHA Target List” Released (TRN Safety Alert)

From Cliff Gerbick, ASP (The Reserves Network Director of Safety)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released its annual list of employers with the highest occupational injury and illness rates, commonly know as the “OSHA Target List”. This year, OSHA has identified approximately 14,900 workplaces with higher than average incident rates. The employers are those whose establishments are covered by Federal OSHA and reported the highest “Days Away from work, Restricted work or job Transfer injury and illness” (DART) rate to OSHA in a survey of 2010 injury and illness data. For every 100 full-time workers, the 14,900 employers had 2.0 or more injuries or illnesses which resulted in days away from work, restricted work or job transfer. The national average is 1.8.

All employers identified were sent a letter that encourages employers to consider hiring an outside safety and health consultant, talking with their insurance carrier, or contacting the workers’ compensation agency in their state for advice.

A template of the letter sent to notify employers and the entire list of 14,900 employers can be found at the following link: (Click Here for OSHA Letter)

Cliff Gerbick is the Director of Safety for The Reserves Network, a provider of “Total Staffing Solutions” in the office, industrial, professional and technical markets. To contact Cliff, email cgerbick@trnstaffing.com.

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