Make Direct Placements Easier by Partnering with a Recruitment Firm

Is your company looking to fill some vacancies with direct placements? A direct placement differs from a temporary placement in that the hire is permanent. The benefits to direct placement include loyalty, consistency, and an investment made in the employee and by the employee. Direct placements are mutually satisfying but they incur risk. What if the permanent hire doesn’t suit your company? What if the permanent hire determines they are not satisfied in the role? What if the employee doesn’t jell with their teammates?

These concerns are valid … but they can be avoided. By bringing on the perfect candidate as a direct hire, you can reap the benefits of permanence without risking an ill-fit. You probably have questions. The following FAQs may bring clarity to your direct placement dilemma.

How can I find the right candidates for direct placement and know that they’ll fit?

It can be tough to tell. Many talented individuals prefer project work, freelance, or consultative work. However, many family- and career-oriented dynamos are seeking permanent, full-time, dedicated work with a company where they can grow. The best way to find these candidates is to work with a recruiter. Other ways are to scour the Internet, network with people, and develop steadfast relationships in the relevant industries to positions you aim to fill. Once you recruit and hone in on candidates, you can determine fit by phone-screening and interviewing them. Ask questions that cover not only capability to perform job tasks, but also preferences in collaboration, culture, and more. Feel out candidates’ personalities.

What if I don’t have the time to recruit the very best employees? Can I settle for “pretty good?”

No. While this might be OK in a temporary situation, you do not want to invest resources in someone who won’t fit your company long-term. They won’t benefit from an ill-fitting arrangement and neither will your company. If you are pressed for time, it’s best to hand this essential task over to recruitment experts who can handle it and deliver a seamless process.

What would happen if I hired the wrong employee as a direct placement?

The cost of a bad hire can be rather immense. Not only have you lost time and money, but your team must bear the inconsistencies and waves of change that come with high turnover. Instead of marring morale and taking a dip into budget for something that doesn’t pan out, it’s best to make every effort to choose the right fit for everyone involved. To ensure alignment between company vision and candidate ideas, your company would be wise to choose from a pool of pre-screened talent.

Won’t it be difficult to outsource direct placement hiring to a third party?

That depends. Many recruitment firms merely function as a database of job seekers. The recruiters find out who is looking for what type of work, who has which type of background, and they search their database of resumes that suit. Your company deserves more than just a list of names that match based on keywords like “Customer Service” or “IT” – you need insights and a recruitment process tailored toward making educated, informed direct placements based on culture and intention. The Reserves Network can provide these insights. Work with us to make the best possible direct placement hires for your company.

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