Freshen Up Your Recruitment Strategy in Four Steps

Having a modern recruitment strategy vs. a traditional recruiting process is often the difference between hiring decent reliable employees and hiring rockstars who are going to propel your company further. There is a new wave of talented professionals who have a different standard for what they look for in an employer. If you want to reach this new set of top recruits, then it’s time to update your old recruiting tactics.

Give your company a modern make-over


Even as a light industrial warehouse, it’s important for new hires to feel as though they are coming into a modern company culture. An out-of-date, non-mobile-optimized website sends out a huge red flag to candidates that says your company is antiquated and struggling.

Likewise, if you aren’t taking advantage of the FREE benefits of social media, then candidates will again question your relevance and longevity.

Pro Tip: Consider the benefits of social media for internal communication. Set up a private Facebook page to give your team instant updates on company news, schedules, and answer employee questions.

Offer unique benefits


Don’t blend in with every other manufacturing plant in your area. Stand out to top recruits by offering benefits that make your employees happier and better people.

“The demands of manufacturing positions, and the flexibility of benefits you can provide are much different from white collar positions,” says Julie Domokos, vice president of strategic partnerships at The Reserves Network. “We work with numerous companies in this segment, and it’s no coincidence the ones with the lowest turnover really go the extra mile to truly make their employees feel welcome. Whether it’s switching-up shift times during the summer months to free up another day off, or making company picnics a regular occurrence, it means a lot to employees in these laborious jobs to know they’re appreciated.”

When you offer candidates an employee friendly company culture, benefits become a recruitment tactic and not just a retention strategy.

Speed up your application process


From providing applicants a fast and easy application portal, to giving them a quick turnaround, you ensure that you won’t miss out on top candidates. Candidates, especially those that need a job now, don’t have time to fill out lengthy applications. This is why we advise our clients to limit their application process to resumes, cover letters and a few questions. Rely on your HR professionals and interviews to give you the full picture of a candidate’s abilities.

Get active with passive candidates


The best Cleveland logistics professionals and Atlanta distribution professionals are not actively seeking employment. To reach light industrial workers who are employed full-time, you have to actively recruit them online. Reach out on LinkedIn or even Twitter and pitch your company. If you take these extra steps to boost your recruitment strategy, these passive candidates will have a good reason to consider other options.

Recruiting in the modern business world requires a lot of effort. The Reserves Network specializes in recruiting light industrial professionals and construction workers across the nation. Work with TRN to freshen up your recruitment strategy today.

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