5 Ways to Find and Connect with Your Target Market on Social Media

Reaching your target market on social media is a matter of careful planning and execution. With billions of active users, social media marketing may seem like a surefire shortcut to success, but without the right strategy, you are more likely to get lost in the pit of online advertising than to strike digital marketing gold. However, by taking the right steps and crafting the perfect social media marketing strategy for your company’s specific needs, you can easily increase your company’s exposure and convert valuable leads.

Establish your ideal target market

As great as it would be to reach everybody in your area with a broad advertising campaign, you are better off sticking to a specific niche in order to deliver the right message on the right social platform to eliminate the variables and increase the effectiveness of your social media advertising. Try to focus on influencers in your industry, or those that can impact (influence) the purchase decisions of other consumers. Also focus on the overall ROI of your social media efforts in time and money spent versus total audience reach and the likelihood of the user converting into a customer.

Generate a goal for your message

Are you looking for greater company awareness? Are you trying to roll out a new initiative or change company perception? Or is it simply about converting users into clients? Whatever your goal is, it’s imperative to know which direction you are taking before trying to engage with your target audience.

Research YOUR audience’s social habits

Social media usership has numerous variables. Age, location, gender, income, user intent, time of day – all of these factors affect which users are going to be on which platforms. Your area and industry may be completely opposite to the general social media marketing norms. This is why it is best to focus on YOUR target market through a clear lens as to not distort your perception of how to reach your target audience. This blog post from inbound marketing agency, Hubspot, has a number of great tools you can use to research your local audience.

Send the right message to the right place

It’s finally time for action. Now that you’ve done your initial research, your message is ready to be sent in a way that best ensures a positive ROI on your social media marketing efforts.

Analyze, refine, analyze, refine…

As your marketing goals, target audience and message are highly specific to your company, the best way to ensure that your social media marketing campaign achieves its benchmarks is to test, test and test some more. How social media users react to your message will tell you whether you need to expand or change to other platforms, adjust the message being sent or keep your strategy the same.

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