How Skill Marketing Can Land You the Perfect Job

Anyone who has looked for a new job in the traditional way – wanted ads, websites, word of mouth – knows that the search process can be difficult. But, why? It’s hard to stand out from the crowd, and it can be incredibly discouraging to get little to no response after sending what seems like too many applications. 

Candidates today need every advantage they can get to help them secure the job that is right for them. 

If you are looking for a new career opportunity, partnering with a staffing agency that uses skill marketing can help you get noticed by top employers in your area. Working with a recruiter can make your job search quicker and much simpler, all while not sacrificing a quality job with fair compensation and benefits.  

Skill marketing is a recruiting process used by some staffing companies that entails presenting a skilled candidate to an employer, even if they may not have open positions listed. There are many advantages to using skill marketing to get a job: saving time and energy in your job search, getting in touch with hard-to-reach employers, and even finding a job you never knew was available. 

Getting Noticed 

One major advantage of working with a staffing agency who uses skill marketing is the simple fact that top employers become aware of your availability to work. When you provide a recruiter with your resume, they market your specific experience and skill sets to their (sometimes exclusive) network connections. 

Essentially, the recruiter is doing the job search work on your behalf, almost like a real estate agent. All you need to do is provide them with the information they need to sell you to their extensive network. This saves you an extraordinary amount of time and alleviates the experience of rejection over and over, which you may face doing it by yourself. It also gets you in touch with hiring managers you may not have found on your own. 

Exceeding Your Expectations 

Another added benefit of skill marketing is the potential to land a job you didn’t even know you wanted. Allowing a recruiter to skill market you as a candidate can open up a world of possibilities. Someone may see your skills and offer you a position you never thought was an option. 

Or, as another example, if an employer sees your particular skill set, they may want you for a brand-new position they are still creating, where they think you would be the perfect match. 

The Reserves Network’s recruiters have extensive experience skill marketing candidates who come to them for help. If you’re looking to switch jobs, or even careers, contacting your local TRN office is the first step to finding the best job that is right for you. 

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