Why You Should Consider Hiring Part-Time Employees

During the Great Recession, many people took part-time work when full-time jobs were scarce. Today’s labor markets and the Great Resignation have turned that upside-down. Now, more people are looking to change (and drop) to part-time work.

According to the Statistica Research Department, in January 2022, around 25.87 million people were employed on a part-time basis in the United States. As many companies struggle to find employees perhaps reengineering your workforce and recruiting strategy around part-time associates may be a viable option. Here are some reasons why:

1. Expanded pool of candidates

By adding part-time employees to the mix, you are allowing for an increase of employees who normally might not apply to a full-time position. This may include those raising children at home, college students, semi-retired workers and others who simply want to work fewer hours. This can also help increase diversity in your company and you might even increase employee retention by adding lower-hour jobs to the mix.

2. Greater flexibility

Your business will be more responsive if you have people on call who can fill in when needed. Part-timers can take on extra shifts during busy times without disrupting your full-time staff’s regular schedules, and they’re often more flexible about their availability than full-timers. This also allows companies to change staffing levels quickly, so you won’t be left with having to let workers sit idle during slower periods. You can also try out potential employees in a low-risk environment before committing to hiring them full-time if an opening in your organization arises.

3. Less chance of burnout

Working fewer hours, the burnout rate of part-time employees is significantly lower. They are often less stressed and can be trained to specialize in a specific task. As they can become an expert in one area, they might be able to produce higher quality work than employees who might have to rotate positions or juggle too many things at once, especially in a manufacturing setting.

4. Seasonal and peak season support

When you hire part-time employees, you can bring on staff with the expertise you need, when you need it. During busier times, you can hire seasonal employees to handle the extra workload. When things settle down, you can let them go without any strain on your budget or workforce.

Offering part-time work is an effective way to attract top talent while offering more work solutions to job seekers everywhere. If you’re looking to expand your workforce or considering hiring part-time employees, contact The Reserves Network today. We have customized workforce solutions to fit your hiring needs.

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