How Candidates Should Prepare for The Job Market in 2022 

A growing number of companies report that finding workers with the right skills is their top challenge, with nearly half of all employers saying that competition for qualified candidates is driving up wages. A record number of employees quit their jobs last year, seeking opportunities with flexible hours and better pay.

As we head into 2022, you might be asking how the current job market might benefit you. If you’re looking for a job this year, you’re in a great position. Continue reading for trends expected to emerge in the labor market this year and ways you can stay prepared.

Vaccination status will be factored  

One of the most prominent debates in American politics is over COVID-19 vaccinations. Whether you’re for or against them, there’s no denying that vaccinations are playing a greater role in the workplace than ever before. Many companies already require all employees to be fully vaccinated. Some candidates are even sharing their vaccination status on their LinkedIn profile and resume. While this information is personal and up to you if you want to publicly disclose it, recognize that some employers will require it. If you choose not to reveal your vaccination status, apply to positions where a vaccine requirement isn’t necessary or explore remote work opportunities.

Higher salaries and perks will be more abundant 

The labor shortages of 2021, which were the result of numerous factors will continue to be apparent. Higher salary offers will be evident in many industries as employers will continue to raise salaries to attract talent. Companies will continue to offer better perks such as flexible schedules and added PTO days and focus on the employee experience to ensure their employees are happy and have a sense of fulfillment.

The hiring process will speed up 

As employers try to fill open positions, they’ll likely be looking for ways to secure strong candidates earlier in the hiring process. As a candidate, make sure your resume is up to date and that you’re in contact with the hiring manager throughout the process. You might be interviewing with more than one company or have multiple offers to consider, so be honest about your timeline with the recruiter and ask questions to find where you both stand in the hiring process.

As employment trends continue to evolve, connect through social media, read industry magazines and blogs, and keep your eye on new opportunities that may come your way. If you’re unsure of where to start, reach out to The Reserves Network. We can connect you with one of our skilled recruiters to help you find a position that’s right for you.

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