Are You a Great Employee? 5 Signs You’re Valued At Work

So you’ve got the job, or maybe you’re still searching for one. You can see yourself working here for years to come, but how do you know that you’re the right fit for the business? There are many characteristics that make a good employee, but these five signs might be an indication that you’re destined for success.

1. You ask questions.

Asking questions, precisely the right questions about your tasks and work can help you thrive as an employee. Being engaged by asking for clarification on duties or asking questions that help you understand how your work impacts the company are signs that you’re curious about what you do and strive to make a positive impact.

2. You support your team members.

Taking on additional tasks to help out a co-worker or supporting them on a day-to-day basis proves you care about more than just your position; you care about the well-being of your company as a whole. Earning the respect of your co-workers is a key trait for any great employee.

3. You hold yourself accountable.

Holding yourself accountable in the workplace allows you to prioritize your goals and ensures you can meet them. If you can do this, it means that you likely get your work done, acknowledge when you make a mistake, and ask for help when you need it. Embracing your role proves that your job is important to you.

4. You speak your mind in the right way.

Having honest, open dialogue with your manager allows you to communicate your voice clearly, showing you care about your position and work. Great employees speak up when it’s necessary and when they have something constructive to say. Of course, you want to make sure you aren’t stepping on toes or complaining about every little thing, but if you have ideas you want to share, speaking up at the appropriate time tells how much you care and that you have the confidence to do so.

5. Your boss depends on you and you’re in charge of your own work.

If your boss is looking to you to take on additional tasks or asks you to help on new projects, it supports how valued you are as an employee. Furthermore, if management asks you to take on added responsibilities, it’s assurance that you’ve probably earned their trust.

If you find yourself questioning if you can check all five of these off, that’s okay too. Being a great employee takes time and effort and it’s not something you can achieve overnight. However, if you follow the basic guidelines and put your best foot forward, you will soon see the results. If you’re unsure where to start, looking to develop these traits, or are looking for a change, consider using a staffing agency like The Reserves Network. To get started, contact us today.