Questions to Ask When Starting a New Career


Have you decided it’s time for a career change? A study conducted by Harris Poll found that 52% of U.S. workers are considering changing jobs this year. You could be burned out, tired, not interested in your job anymore, stressed, or simply unproductive at work. These could be signs that it’s time for a new career. Whatever the reason, a new profession can provide exciting possibilities. Although making a career transition can be challenging, it’s easier in today’s market because the demand for talent is high and more resources are available.

If you’re considering a new career, here are some key questions to ask yourself.

What do you like about your current or past job?

Pick something that matches your values and skills, but most of all, makes you happy. Think about what you like about your current job. Try to cross-reference characteristics from your current position to the one you’re exploring. Creating a list with these details can help you narrow down your decision. Think about how your area of interest ties into your goals as an individual. Consider if it’s a new challenge you’re looking for or a new industry you’re looking to explore. Ask yourself how it will align with what you enjoy doing. Don’t discount your prior work experience; use your positive experiences to your advantage as you narrow down your next steps into your new career.

Have you done the research?

Before you change careers, be sure to do your research first. Try looking for introductory courses online or join social media groups that have a specific professional focus. Asking questions or interviewing those in the field you’re exploring goes a long way too. Industry-specific podcasts and networking are also great ways to make sure you are as informed as possible before taking such a big step.

Do You Need a New Degree or Credentials?

Consider if the career change you seek requires additional education. You’ll want to ensure that if a new degree or certificate is needed, you can make things work both financially and from a time commitment standpoint. Before going “all-in,” make sure you’re ready to make the required sacrifices. Are there courses required in areas you have strengths or weaknesses? Ensure that the process to achieving the certifications you need is a route you’ll be willing to take and be comfortable with.

What’s Motivating You to Seek a Career Change?

Ask yourself what the primary reasons are that you’re looking to make a change. Maybe you seek a renewed sense of purpose or better financial freedom with higher pay, a healthy work environment or a flexible schedule. Whatever the reason, make sure that you’re making this decision for the right reasons. It shouldn’t be impulsive, just because you had a bad day at work or don’t get along with your co-workers. Make certain you are seeking a new career for the right reasons, and it will improve the chances that you’ll be happier in your new line of work.

If you’re unsure of where to start, consider working with a staffing agency like The Reserves Network. We can help match you with a position that fits your in-demand skills. We can also help you find an opportunity to gain experience first-hand in a new field of interest. Search for a branch near you to get started with your new career today!

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