4 Tips to Retain Your Star Employees

Workers are currently quitting their jobs in record numbers in what is now being called the Great Resignation. As many employees rethink what work means to them and if they are truly valued by their company, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your employee retention program. Is there something you can do to help keep your company’s top performers?

It may be as simple as adjusting schedules to allow for better balancing of personal life and work responsibilities. On the other hand, this could call for a complete overhaul of your existing program to ensure your star employees stay right where they are. Here are some retention tips to consider as the job market continues to recover from a unique year.

Reconsider your benefits package and wages.

Sometimes, loving what you do isn’t enough to stay at a particular company. Employees also want to feel cared for by their employers. One way to show your people that you are invested in them professionally and personally is revaluating your benefits package.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you offer enough paid time off, vacation, and/or sick days?
  2. Are you helping your employees save for their future by providing a retirement fund option with an employer match?
  3. What about the health of your employees – do you provide affordable healthcare insurance and maybe even a gym membership reimbursement program?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it may be time to reconsider what you offer your employees. These are ways you can show you care.

Adjust work schedules wherever possible.

Flexible work schedules are becoming more and more popular as our definition of “work” continues to change. Employees are realizing they don’t need to work for 40 hours a week to be efficient at their jobs. Sometimes, they don’t even need to be in their respective work environments.

When possible, consider allowing your employees to break out of that 40-hour work week routine. This can look different for everyone – some may work four days a week instead of five, while others only come into the office for a couple days or not at all. If your staff has shown that they remain productive outside of the traditional work environment, it’s worth letting them.

Flexible scheduling may be a challenge for the manufacturing sector, but you can still explore different ways when adjusting work schedules. For example, consider rotating shifts or dismissing employees early based on attendance or performance.

Provide ample opportunities for growth.

Professional development can be rewarding not only to your staff, but to the success and growth of your business. Be sure to give your people ample opportunities to enhance their skills, whether that’s related to their current position or something that allows them to grow beyond their role.

When your employees can grow professionally while your company grows, it allows you to promote from within and retain the best talent for the long term. Consider offering tuition or professional membership reimbursements and make your team members aware of growth opportunities on a regular basis.

Improve your workplace culture.

Culture is the personality of your business and encompasses your values – all of which dictate the way your employees approach their work each day. A strong workplace culture is more important than ever, especially when you need to work on retention.

A positive workplace culture breeds collaboration, teamwork, support and satisfaction. When your employees feel happy, listened to, and well cared for at work, they simply do their jobs better. And, a productive workforce means a better bottom line for your company.

Improve your culture through employee appreciation events, recognition for special accomplishment and even new signage or messaging throughout the facility to reiterate your mission and values.

If you need help hiring employees who will stay for the long-term, contact the staffing and recruiting experts at The Reserves Network today.