The Benefits of Leveraging Block Scheduling

Hospitals, long-term care centers and other health facilities leverage per diem and PRN professionals to meet the ever-changing demands of their environments. These solutions provide efficient access to skilled professionals, but they can also create inconsistencies. Through block scheduling, facilities can close the gaps associated with per diem and PRN engagements, while still reaping the benefits.

What is Block Scheduling?

With block scheduling, a healthcare facility opens its calendar to a staffing partner for a period of a month or more. Local professionals in the pool can choose to block out their schedule weeks at a time, providing consistency for both the pro and the facility – without either having to commit to a restrictive contract.

Block scheduling gives professionals the freedom they enjoy from per diem and PRN work with the stability of a long-term assignment. Facilities can access skilled team members they like working with, without the commitment and binding models of the typical 13-week contract.

The Benefits of Block Scheduling

Block scheduling can be the best of both worlds – it creates consistency for both the facility and the professionals without the commitment. There are other benefits to block scheduling that include:

  • Efficiency: Allowing block scheduling cuts out the time consuming administrative hassles of scheduling per diem and PRN professionals.
  • Loyalty: Professionals that enjoy working at a facility will return because they know they can schedule several weeks of work at a place where they feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Continuity of Care: No matter how talented per diem professionals are, they do impede a facility’s ability to provide continuity of care. Block scheduling allows professionals to learn the ropes and get to know patients and other team members.
  • Agility: When a facility has a quick increase in their census, block scheduling ensures fast access to skilled staff for as long as necessary.
  • Cost control: With employment costs increasing, using block scheduling for temporary workers can be a cost-effective way to stay fully staffed without adding to overhead in the form of health insurance, retirement benefits, PTO, training, overtime and payroll.

Block scheduling can also be leveraged to provide permanent staff with more control over their own schedules. Many facilities allow their nurses to schedule themselves within a specific block of time. Then, the facility leverages their staffing partner to fill in the remaining shifts during that block. The entire unit receives full coverage, both permanent and temporary staff members have stability and control over their schedules, and the facility is ensured continuity and consistency.

Ready to Take Advantage of Block Scheduling?

If your facility is ready to reap the benefits of block scheduling, contact the staffing and recruiting experts at The Reserves Network today.


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