5 Fun Ways to Show your Employees and Clients That You Really Care

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While employee and client appreciation are a crucial part of workplace wellbeing, it’s particularly meaningful during the holiday season. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to go the extra mile. Similarly, clients who feel valued are more likely to continue to do business with your company.

Showing your employees that you care helps reduce turnover, boost job performance and promote a positive workplace culture. Clients are known to spend more on businesses that value the relationship with them.  Here are five innovative approaches to let people know how much they are appreciated.


  1. Send a handwritten note of appreciation

A personal thank you note goes a long way in expressing your appreciation for both employees and clients. Handwritten notes score brownie points over typed emails or letters as it conveys more personalized attention and sincere feelings. Make sure you spell the name correctly and remember to include specific details so that it doesn’t come across as too generic. Keep it short and sweet.


  1. Take your employees and clients out on a field trip

Field trips can be fun, motivating and a great opportunity to get your employees in the holiday spirit. They are also great ways to bond with your team. Ask valued clients to join in as well. Examples of exciting field trips could include a day at the beach, mini-golf, skating or a picnic.


  1. Celebrate special days

Hang a special sign on the door or spend a little time decorating the office with some balloons and streamers. Have some snacks to mark the occasion. Celebrating birthdays and other special days makes employees and clients feel valued.


  1. Plan a surprise pot luck party

Invite your employees to bring a dish and give your team the afternoon off. Invite your clients to the pot luck party too. Use the opportunity to present a short speech thanking your employees and clients personally.


  1. Create a Wall of Fame

Create a Wall of Fame that lists the outstanding accomplishments of both employees and clients. This is an effective way to thank your employees and clients publicly for everything thy do.

Personalized appreciation is a strong motivator, and it does not stop with a regular pay check. Demonstrating your appreciation helps boost employee retention rates and transforms organizational culture into one that emphasizes gratitude. Thanking employees and clients helps promote overall growth and development.

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