3 Reasons to Work with an On-Site Staffing Agency

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In today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to be agile and quick to act when hiring and onboarding employees, whether it is to keep up with customer demand, peak production or sales periods. There’s no denying that recruiting, hiring, training and onboarding staff takes a lot of time and resources.

“The sheer effort required to recruit and onboard employees can quickly eat up the majority of your HR department’s time,” said Julie Domokos, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at The Reserves Network.

Outsourcing these requirements to a staffing agency is a common solution used by many companies. But instead of working with any staffing firm, consider choosing an on-site one instead. Here are a few reasons why.

An On-Site Staffing Agency Operates in Your Offices

Having a staffing agency operating on-site means that your potential candidates can actually see what it’s like to be in the workplace. IAs an applicant, you don’t want to accept a job offer without first seeing what the working environment is like.

Unlike off-site staffing firms that screen and interview candidates in their headquarters before sending them to their assignment, on-site staffing agencies are usually given dedicated space inside the client’s offices where they can recruit, screen, train and onboard candidates. This ensures that candidate can become familiar with the working environment as they go through the recruitment process.

Closer Interaction Means Better Placements

An on-site staffing team has an easier time understanding the intricacies of the company and demands of the positions that need to be filled. An on-site staffing agency has daily interactions with supervisors, team leaders and regular employees. In turn, this helps them develop a better understanding of their client’s  needs and find the best candidates for the job.

You Form a Closer Relationship with the Staffing Agency

Being quick to take action is key when adapting to labor situations that happen in real time. On-site staffing agencies work hand-in-hand with HR and upper management to respond to issues when they arise and come up with viable solutions.

Before you choose a staffing agency, consider working with one like The Reserves Network that offers on-site services. To learn more, talk to the staffing services experts of The Reserves Network. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about how our recruitment solutions can help you.


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