Why It Pays to Send a Thank-You Note after Your Job Interview


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You’d think that more people would take advantage of the good impression a simple thank-you note would make to a hiring manager or HR department after a job interview, but as it turns out, very few job seekers send these notes. A recent Accountemps survey of HR managers found that only 1 out of 4 applicants (24 percent) bothered to send a thank-you note after an interview. More importantly, 80 percent of HR managers said  these notes were helpful when reviewing candidates and their applications.

The verdict? Sending a well-written and timely thank-you note reinforces the positive connection a hiring manager may have had with a candidate. It can also help refresh a manager’s memory and make them reconsider a candidate after he or she does something that shows his or her good character.

If you’re wondering just how to go about sending a thank-you note, here are a few guidelines.


Email is a perfectly acceptable way to send a thank-you note after a job interview. It’s received quickly, it’s easy to access, and it takes just a few minutes to type out.

Before you hit “Send,” make sure that email is  the best platform for your thank-you note. If the company corresponded with you via email, then, by all means, send a thank-you note within the next 24 hours after a job interview.

Snail Mail

If the company’s HR department contacted you via phone or interacted with you primarily in person, a note sent in the mail might be more appropriate. A typed letter is generally the safer option, as it lets you show your writing abilities and knowledge of proper business letter format. This is especially important for administrative positions that may require letter-writing and outstanding communication as a major part of the job.

On the other hand, handwritten notes come off as more sincere if you want to express your gratitude to people who helped you at some point in the application process; for example, the assistant who bought you lunch, or someone who gave you insider tips about the interview process. This makes your thank-you note more personal and heartfelt.

Bottom line? Saying “thank you” not only goes a long way towards improving your chances of getting a job, it’s actually a thoughtful thing to do. For more job search guides and insights, talk to the staffing services specialists of The Reserves Network. Call our offices to learn more about our recruitment solutions.


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