How to Have a More Coachable Attitude

How to Have a More Coachable Attitude


Coachable employees are in-demand employees. Managers value workers who are good at taking constructive feedback, eager to improve and enthusiastic about becoming more successful.

If being coachable doesn’t come naturally to you, learning from others is a key skill to work on. Here are ways we’ve found that even the best employees can become more coachable:


  • Re-orienting your attitude

Many people look at constructive criticism or negative feedback as a bad thing. These people are less receptive to what others tell them about how they can improve. Instead of thinking of the feedback as criticism, view it as an opportunity. You’ll only improve yourself if you’re constantly challenging and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Trying out suggestions made by others is a good way to push yourself further. 


  • Not giving into emotions

When you’re given feedback on how you can improve, do you feel sad, defensive or angry? Don’t let these emotions run away from you. Outsiders can often see weaknesses and areas where you need improvement better than you can. Your manager or peers aren’t making suggestions to hurt or anger you, so try not to respond to their feedback as if they are. 


  • Listening actively

When you’re given a performance review or receive comments on your work, do you start planning rebuttals and defenses in your head? If you do, you’re missing out on a great learning experience. Take the time to really listen to what is being said. Ask questions and rephrase the criticisms in your own words so you really understand the feedback and stay focused on the words you’re hearing rather than how you’ll respond. 


  • Taking time for self-reflection

When you’ve actively listened to the feedback you’ve received, think about what was said. Could the suggestions possibly help you be more productive or improve a particular skill? Try to implement the feedback to see how it feels when you make changes. 

Value from coaching or constructive criticism comes from talented co-workers and a manager whom you respect. The Reserves Network helps you find a job with people you can learn from, and who will push you to be the best you can be. Contact us today to get started.


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