How to Promote Respect in the Workplace

How to Promote Respect in the Workplace

Creating a work environment where managers and peers respect each other is vital. Employees are happier and more motivated, and employee turnover is reduced, when the company culture is one of respect. The key components of an environment where all staff members treat each other with respect include:


  • Acceptance of differences:

Staff members come from different backgrounds and walks of life. People may have political differences, religious differences and different views on many other important issues. Instead of condemning or criticizing these variances, recognize that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. Diversity of opinion is valuable and should be celebrated.


  • Intentional communication:

All areas of communication, from tone of voice to body language, should demonstrate a willingness to hear what others are saying. Strong listening skills and the ability to communicate clearly are keys to developing an understanding of others, which is an essential building block of a respectful company culture.


  • Creation of an inclusive work environment:

Focus on diversity when assembling work teams and committees. Have employees with different perspectives work together so they can get to know each other and move beyond stereotyping.


  • Manage conflict:

Disagreements are inevitable but should be resolved in positive and proactive ways. Address conflicts head-on, ensuring each party can share their opinions and beliefs. Foster compromise and look for solutions in which everyone comes out happy with the outcome of the disagreement.


  • Eliminating office gossip and other negative interactions:

Complaining about work, gossiping about co-workers or unpleasant office politics can undermine the ability of co-workers to form respectful relations and can create a toxic corporate culture.


  • Take a broad perspective:

When conflicts arise or when there is an issue that requires sensitive communication, consider the long-term impact of the actions taken. How will decisions affect relationships in a month, a year or five years?  Respect is built over time, with each interaction providing another step forward in the creation of strong positive relationships.

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