3 Important Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience

3 Important Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience


Your company wants to hire the best staff. The candidate experience throughout the recruiting process determines if you can do that. People who possess great skills usually have a choice of opportunities, and they won’t work for you if the recruitment process isn’t a positive experience.  Providing a suitable candidate experience increases the chance that in-demand industry leaders will work for your organization.

A poor recruitment process will also give your company a bad reputation, which will hurt efforts to hire staff through referrals. Maintaining an excellent reputation is more important than ever in the age of social media and the internet when everything is shared online.

Follow these tips for creating a positive candidate experience to ensure your recruitment process doesn’t turn off candidates:


  • Communicate effectively:

Make clear the qualifications for the job and tell candidates how the process will work. A comprehensive communication strategy at every phase of the hiring process makes a positive impression on candidates, and the person you hire will accept the position with a clear idea of what the job entails. 


  • Harness the power of automation:

A well-thought-out automated messaging strategy inspires candidate confidence. Automated communications are timely and efficient so candidates aren’t left wondering if their information has been received or if they’re moving along in the hiring process. Hiring managers also have more time to focus on the important things if basic communications are scheduled beforehand. 


  • Provide feedback:

Candidates you don’t hire deserve feedback so they’ll know to move on; don’t leave people wondering if they’re still under consideration. You never know when a candidate rejected for one job might be a perfect fit for another position down the line—don’t burn bridges by not communicating. Also, let candidates who are moving on in the process know their status and the reasons they’re advancing. No one likes to be left guessing, and regular feedback enhances the candidate experience since job seekers know what to expect.

These are important steps, but efforts to improve the candidate experience should be ongoing. The worst mistake companies make is to do nothing at all to focus on creating a positive recruiting process, as the impact of poor recruiting on the quality of new hires is immeasurable.

The Reserves Network will ensure your company’s recruitment process goes smoothly so you are given qualified candidates who are great assets to your organization. Contact us today for assistance from our staffing professionals to make your hiring process smoother.

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Carlisle Recruiting Event at Ohio Means Jobs

The Reserves Network’s Brunswick branch is sponsoring Carlisle Brake & Friction’s recruiting event this Wednesday, May 24, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM!

Ohio Means Jobs
3721 Pearl Road
Medina, OH  44256

Second and third shifts available for:

  • Machine Operators
  • Gear Shaper Operators
  • Quality Technicians

Excellent benefits at hire, including flexible time, comprehensive medical/ dental/vision, prescription coverage, bonus program, 401K, and paid vacation and holidays.

For more information, please contact the Brunswick office at brunswick@TRNstaffing.com or (330)273-2600.

Advice for Working with Difficult Personalities

Advice for Working with Difficult Personalities


Having difficult co-workers is something almost everyone must cope with during their careers. If your peers present a daily challenge, following this simple advice ensures you are successful in a difficult job environment.


  • Know how to recognize bullying:

True bullying at work isn’t acceptable and you should take action to stop it. Before you speak up, make sure you’re actually being bullied and not just being pushed out of your comfort zone to work harder and do better. Peers that push you to take yourself to new heights are a great asset, even if you sometimes feel uncomfortable.


  • Document abusive behavior:

If co-workers are making inappropriate comments on an ongoing basis or are creating a hostile work environment, document all the details. Save emails, write down specific comments and aggressive actions along with the date they occurred, and keep careful records. If you need to involve your boss or human resources, the records ensure your complaint is taken seriously and you aren’t just viewed as oversensitive.


  • Stand up against bullies:

Don’t stoop to their level, but don’t let a bully push you around. Stay calm and remain positive, but be assertive and professional in telling the bully the way he is treating you is not acceptable. Most bullies back down if they see you aren’t willing to play the victim.


  • Address the issue head on:

If you’ve asked the bully to stop and the behavior persists, schedule a meeting for a private face-to-face sit down. Explain specific instances to the bully where you felt you were treated unfairly or inappropriately. Sometimes, people don’t know how their actions affect others or don’t realize they’re coming across in a negative way. Raising the issue and pointing out the problem could be enough to turn things around.


  • Report the problem:

If your efforts to resolve the issue don’t work, it’s time to raise the issue with those who have the power to stop the behavior. Talk with your boss and/or Human Resources, and present the evidence you have about past problems. Remain calm and professional, rather than emotional, and be clear about what your boundaries are. If possible, present a solution with your complaint so you come across as someone willing to be proactive in problem-solving. 

If your work environment is full of difficult people and these steps don’t solve your problem, finding a new job opportunity may be your next step. Reach out to The Reserves Network to find out how our staffing service can help you find work with great co-workers.

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How to Find a Job after Long-Term Unemployment

How to Find a Job after Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment makes employers nervous, even if there was a good reason you were jobless for months, or even years. As a job-seeker, you must overcome a potential employer’s concerns if you want to get hired.


  • Earn new credentials:

Employers worried about long-term unemployment are put at ease if they see you’ve recently continued education in your field. New credentials also improve your resume, making you a more attractive hire so employers will overlook the gap in wok history. 


  • Consider temporary work:

Companies are more willing to take chances when hiring temporary workers – there is no long-term commitment and it costs less to bring a temporary employee on board. You’ll get your foot in the door and hopefully get hired long-term. 


  • Volunteer:

Non-profits may be eager for your services. Put the volunteer work on your resume to show you’ve kept busy and have recent experience in a professional environment.  The contacts you make while volunteering could also lead to a paid position. 


  • Start a blog:

You can highlight your knowledge and skills in your field, join the online business community and get noticed by employers. Linking the blog to social media allows you to make more connections – companies may even approach you with jobs they haven’t publicly posted yet. 


  • Follow up after submitting a resume:

This can cause a hiring manager to take a second look at your resume because you’re showing your eagerness to land the job.  Sometimes, hiring managers only consider those who follow up if the manager was overwhelmed by interest.  Just send a simple email asking if the hiring manager needs any clarification about your resume in order to open up a dialogue. 


  • Ace the interview:

If you’re lucky enough to land an interview, learn all you can about the company and go to the interview prepared to talk about ideas you have for how to excel and improve company operations. 

Another option: work with staffing professionals who have connections with employers and who get your foot in the door. The Reserves Network will help you land a great job, even after a period of unemployment. Contact us today to find out more.

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The Reserves Network Celebrates Opening of Circleville, Ohio Office

Staffing provider, The Reserves Network, is now open at 200 N. Court Street in Circleville, and is ready to place job seekers. According to the company, Circleville was the ideal vicinity for the newest location.

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Job Fair in Medina

The Reserves Network’s Brunswick branch is hosting a job fair Wednesday, May 10!

Join us from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM:

Carlisle Brake and Friction
920 Lake Road
Medina, OH  44256

We are seeking candidates for:

  • Machine Operators, 2nd and 3rd shifts, $12/hour with overtime
  • Gear Shapers, 2nd shift, $15-24/hour
  • Quality Technicians, 1st shift, $13.50/hour

The Reserves Network will be on-site for immediate consideration. All positions are temp-to-hire with excellent benefits at hire, including pay raise, tuition reimbursement and a comprehensive healthcare package.

For more information, contact us at (330)273-2600 or brunswick@TRNstaffing.com.


The Reserves Network’s Girard Offices Moves to Erie

The Reserves Network, a leading staffing provider for office, industrial, professional and technical markets, has relocated their Girard, PA office. The branch’s new location is at 2119 W. 8th Street in Erie.

The Reserves Network’s Erie staff and the Chamber of Commerce prepare for the official ribbon-cutting at Erie’s open house on April 25.

“After seven years in Girard, the move to Erie provides us with an expansion opportunity to better serve the staffing needs of our customers,” says Kristen Latch, branch manager. “We’re excited about our new space and introducing talent and area businesses to the services we can provide.”

Erie is one of more than 40 operating locations The Reserves Network has in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. The family- and veteran-owned company places nearly 20,000 employees at these locations and works with customers nationwide. This includes temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire placements in a wide variety of professional fields and trades.

Joining Latch in the new location are Ashley Fischer, account executive, and Janina Lee, staffing supervisor.

Businesses and job seekers can contact the office at (814)774-3842 or erie@TRNstaffing.com.