3 Important Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience

3 Important Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience


Your company wants to hire the best staff. The candidate experience throughout the recruiting process determines if you can do that. People who possess great skills usually have a choice of opportunities, and they won’t work for you if the recruitment process isn’t a positive experience.  Providing a suitable candidate experience increases the chance that in-demand industry leaders will work for your organization.

A poor recruitment process will also give your company a bad reputation, which will hurt efforts to hire staff through referrals. Maintaining an excellent reputation is more important than ever in the age of social media and the internet when everything is shared online.

Follow these tips for creating a positive candidate experience to ensure your recruitment process doesn’t turn off candidates:


  • Communicate effectively:

Make clear the qualifications for the job and tell candidates how the process will work. A comprehensive communication strategy at every phase of the hiring process makes a positive impression on candidates, and the person you hire will accept the position with a clear idea of what the job entails. 


  • Harness the power of automation:

A well-thought-out automated messaging strategy inspires candidate confidence. Automated communications are timely and efficient so candidates aren’t left wondering if their information has been received or if they’re moving along in the hiring process. Hiring managers also have more time to focus on the important things if basic communications are scheduled beforehand. 


  • Provide feedback:

Candidates you don’t hire deserve feedback so they’ll know to move on; don’t leave people wondering if they’re still under consideration. You never know when a candidate rejected for one job might be a perfect fit for another position down the line—don’t burn bridges by not communicating. Also, let candidates who are moving on in the process know their status and the reasons they’re advancing. No one likes to be left guessing, and regular feedback enhances the candidate experience since job seekers know what to expect.

These are important steps, but efforts to improve the candidate experience should be ongoing. The worst mistake companies make is to do nothing at all to focus on creating a positive recruiting process, as the impact of poor recruiting on the quality of new hires is immeasurable.

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