Why It’s So Important To Have Friends At Work

In a time where we work more than ever (47 hours per week, on average), Americans have to find a way to stay happy and engaged throughout the workweek. Spending the majority of your day miserable and alone is a recipe for depression and employee burnout. Avoid dreading going to work every day and increase your productivity by making friends in the workplace.

Don’t worry, be happy

Focusing on just work for eight straight hours is a sure-fire way to overwork yourself and waste productive energy. Studies show that taking regular breaks will keep you focused longer than burning all of your energy trying to plow through an entire workday.

Consider walking around and socializing with your coworkers for a bit when you run into a roadblock with your work. This can further develop relationships with your coworkers and help give your mind time to recharge. You may find that your quick trip to the water cooler inspired you to take a better approach to the project you were stuck on.

Avoid feeling alone

Your company operates as a unit and each member plays a key role to its overall success. Creating bonds with your coworkers will improve the way you collaborate with one another, which in turn increases productivity and efficiency.

It also doesn’t hurt to have someone in your corner in case of an emergency or if times get tough. A coworker that you have a good rapport with will go the extra mile for you if you need something done right away or have to switch shifts because of a family crisis.

Something to look forward to

If your job isn’t the most fulfilling, having a close friend in the company can give you a brighter perspective on having to spend over 40 hours of your week at work.

Creating a lasting bond

With the right focus you may actually turn a coworker into a deeply close friend. Sharing your goals with one another will be mutually encouraging for you both. This person may be beneficial to your life outside of work as well. Having good people in your life is never a bad thing.

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