4 Reasons to Consider a Second Shift Job

  If you’ve taken a new interest in nursing, industrial work, or hospitality, you may find yourself confused with the schedule. Most positions in these industries are split into three shifts – first, second, and third. First shift employees arrive early in the morning and stay until early afternoon. Second shift employees arrive early in… Read More »

Preparing for a Future Without Baby Boomers in the Workplace

  What’s often called the Greatest Generation is preparing to retire. Baby Boomers make up nearly 27% of the entire manufacturing workforce, and 10,000 are retiring each day. While this may bode well for creating more job openings, younger generations lack the skills and experience to pick up the slack in certain industries. Thankfully, there… Read More »

What Happens When You Don’t Like Your Assignment

  When you get an assignment through a recruiter, ideally the new job will be a perfect fit for you. Talking to your recruiter about your career goals and hopes for your job enables them to find an opportunity you’ll enjoy. Sometimes, however, you’ll end up with an assignment you don’t like. Here’s what to… Read More »

Tips to Help Calm Your Nerves before Your Interview

  A job interview is a big deal. Your success at the interview makes or breaks your efforts to advance your career. Being nervous is a completely normal reaction – but you must find a way to calm your nerves and convince a hiring manager you’re the right person for the job. Although it can… Read More »