Networking Isn’t Just for Office Jobs



Networking seems like something only people with office jobs do. If you’re in manufacturing, working with your hands and excelling in production are the skills that matter… not being able to talk to people at a social event.

Still, even in manufacturing, networking matters if you want to enhance your career.  Here’s what you need to know:


  • Who you know impacts your ability to get hired:

Although unemployment rates are down, many people still apply for any open position. Having a personal recommendation makes you much more likely to get interviewed and even to get hired. If you have a big network of professional contacts, you’re much more likely to find someone to give you that all-important recommendation. Other manufacturing professionals in your network can also alert you to jobs scheduled to open up soon so you can be one of the first candidates to apply. You could even get hired for a job that isn’t posted publicly yet.


  • Effective networking is pretty easy:

Networking doesn’t have to be hard. Use professional websites like LinkedIn to network online. Design and print inexpensive business cards to hand out when you visit local industry events to make connections.  You’ll build up a big professional network in no time and your new network can start helping your career right away.


  • You can tap into a staffing company’s network for career success:

If you don’t already have a strong network of your own, work with a staffing firm that is well-connected to all of the top manufacturing companies in your area. The firm will give you that personal recommendation you need to land an interview. Companies trust recommendations from staffing professionals when hiring candidates for open positions.

The Reserves Network has a solid network of manufacturing companies who trust our staffing professionals to help with their hiring. If you want a job in manufacturing, contact our staffing service today to find out about how we can help you to find a great position with a company looking for someone like you.

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