How to Hire for the Season: Facing the Challenges in Seasonal Hiring

There’s no shortage of demands this holiday season, and furthermore, the supply chain hasn’t had a chance to recover from the pandemic knocking down the global economy in 2020. In fact, Bloomberg reports that it’s only gotten worse, predicting that “the holiday season is at risk.”

Labor shortages across the globe are a cause for concern to employers, especially if your business relies on a seasonal workforce. Although the unemployment rate is still fairly high, more vacancies equate to more applications, which means that it could take longer to hire qualified applicants.

So, what does that mean for the employer?

1. Don’t assume high unemployment will make seasonal hiring easy.

The pandemic has made workers undergo a great awakening. They are seeking higher salaries, better benefits and flexible schedules. If you’re able to, consider offering attractive incentives, such as an attendance bonus. Source candidates who want seasonal work; hire those looking to earn extra cash around the holidays or graduated college students taking time off before going into their desired field.

2. Start hiring seasonal employees as soon as possible.

As shoppers look to begin their holiday shopping earlier than ever, it’s probable that you might need extra help sooner than you think. The hiring process might take longer than you think with an influx of available job openings and competition. You also want to make sure you leave your business with enough time to screen candidates properly. Ensuring candidates are the right fit, even if just for a short period of time, is key to maintaining team productivity. The busyness of the holiday season can leave your current employees underequipped, so in order to handle the demand, consider starting the hiring process now.

3. Anticipate that you may experience high turnover.

In today’s ever-changing job climate, employees are job-hopping more than ever. Some new hires only work for a few weeks or even days before switching to a new company, whether that’s for a higher salary or better benefits. Prepare for these challenges during the hiring process by taking into consideration the skill set of your potential candidates. If they already possess many of the skills you require, training time could be shorter. Consider their previous hiring history too and look to develop questions you can ask during the hiring process to better determine if they’ll stick with you for the duration of your season or project.

4. Understand that your seasonal hires might not all be temporary.

While it’s true that you’ve only hired employees for a specific period of time, consider that some might be candidates for long-term positions. Furthermore, when sourcing applicants, remember that hiring quality candidates could save you money in the long run. Keep a close eye on workers who might be a good fit full-time at your company, evaluating their performance when their assignment comes to an end.

The holiday season is already stressful enough without having to worry about finding, hiring and training new seasonal workers. Rely on a staffing agency like The Reserves Network to find the best talent available that fits your company’s requirements. We screen all candidates, interview and take on the responsibility of onboarding and payroll so that you can focus on everything else. For more information about how The Reserves Network can provide your company with workforce solutions, visit our website and get in touch today.