3 Quick Ways to Enhance Your Resume

Your resume is the easiest way for a potential employer to get a snapshot of the skills you possess so they can begin to narrow down if you are the right candidate for a potential job. To help you stand out among other candidates, you need a resume that grabs the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager while highlighting your strongest experiences, education, special skills, awards and co-curricular activities.

Here are three easy ways to help you improve your resume, and in turn, develop your skills as a professional- helping you stand out in the job search.

Take an Online Certification Course

Listing certifications on your resume is a great way to boost your credentials and verify to hiring managers or staffing agencies that you are skilled in the experience you listed. Many websites and organizations offer online certification programs in different fields. In most cases, they are even free. Here is a look at just some of the many websites offering certification courses that will help boost your resume.

As a few examples, LinkedIn Learning, HubSpot Academy and Skillshare all offer different online certification programs. Courses range from software programs to transferrable skills such as customer service, leadership and productivity.

Volunteer or Participate in Community Service 

If you think that your volunteer work isn’t relevant to your resume, think again. A study by Deloitte shows that 82% of interviewers prefer to see volunteer work on resumes. There are numerous organizations where you can volunteer your time and lend your skills while giving your resume a boost.

Volunteering shows your passion and dedication and tells your employer that you’re a well-rounded candidate with interests outside of work. If you’re between careers, volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience while searching for your next job.

If you’re unsure of where to start, try calling a local food bank, animal shelter or community outreach organization to see if they have any opportunities available. Or use a website like VolunteerMatch to find opportunities near your location and in a category that fits your passions.

Join a Professional Group or Organization 

Demonstrate your dedication to your industry or field by becoming an active member of a professional association. Joining professional groups is a great way to network with others in your area, get advice and gain further insight into your chosen career or local business community.

Not sure of what professional organizations exist in your area? A good place to start is Jobstars which lists associations and organizations by industry. Find a group that resonates with you, become involved and be sure to add it to your resume as another way to highlight what a great candidate you are.

Although there are many ways to enhance your resume, using a staffing agency like The Reserves Network can help you simplify your job search. Let us guide you in your search and pair you with a job that matches your skills. Give your local office a call today to learn more.

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