Celebrate Your Employees to Start 2021 Right

There is no doubt that essential workers across the nation went the extra mile in 2020. We all needed to adapt to the “new normal,” and that also meant our workforce had to adjust quickly as extra coronavirus safety precautions were put into place.

Now that we are ready welcome 2021 with open arms, this is a great time to celebrate your employees who went above and beyond amid a crisis. There are many things that deserve to be celebrated at work, like your team reaching project milestones, employees breaking records, or annual celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries. Recognizing your employees helps bolster their self-esteem and encourages workers to want to perform at an even higher level.

In short, simply let your people know you don’t take their hard work for granted. Here are ways you can celebrate your employees in the new year:

Be consistent and plan ahead.

Put all employee achievements, promotions, retirements, birthdays and work anniversaries in your calendar. Then, be sure to recognize that employee on that day, either with a virtual celebration or an email. Urge coworkers and team members to do the same.

Celebrate often.

Encourage employees to share success stories and testimonials on a regular basis to inspire others to perform better. This can be done on company-wide calls, in an internal newsletter, in a weekly email or utilizing other resources like the television in the break room or bulletin boards.

Gifts are always appreciated.

Invest in a gift or token of appreciation to mark the occasion. It could be big or small: gift cards to local restaurants or stores, internal “points” through your company’s recognition program, or maybe even a day of paid time off if the accomplishment calls for it. This shows that you’ve taken the time to get to know them and acknowledge their interests.

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks, meetings and emails. Taking even a few moments to recognize your team’s effort can help strengthen those relationships and build morale. In 2021, make time to celebrate your employees’ accomplishments consistently and frequently. Scheduling these may take some additional planning, but it will help your team start the new year in a positive and upbeat frame of mind.

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