10 Questions to Prepare You for Your Next Manufacturing Interview

It would be nice if potential employers would hand you a copy of their interview questions before your interview, wouldn’t it?  Since this is unlikely to ever happen, it’s important to prepare for likely questions you’ll receive when interviewing in the manufacturing field. Here are ten questions to prepare you for your next manufacturing interview.

Tell Me About Yourself

This question is deceptively tough. The key is to be concise yet thorough. Talk about your career only— when did you start, what was your path to get to where you are today and what is your next goal.

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

With this question, employers are looking to see whether you’ve researched the company. Talk about why you want to be part of this particular manufacturing team and the value you will bring to the table.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Take care not to badmouth former employers. Instead, focus on the ways the new company is more aligned with your goals.

Why Should We Hire You?

Here, your focus should be on the value you can bring to the company. Tout your skills and achievements and be frank about why you are the best person for the job.

What is Your Greatest Strength?

Focus on skills listed in the original job description and discuss one or more of your strengths that will help make you successful at this particular job. Just make sure that they’re true strengths. You don’t want to claim to be good at something you don’t actually know how to do.

What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

Don’t be tempted to use a cliché like, “My biggest weakness is that I work too hard.” Focus on a real weakness but one that doesn’t relate directly to the job. Acknowledge it and talk about the ways you’re working to overcome it.

What Would You Do If You Saw Someone Breaking Safety Protocol?

Safety is extremely important in manufacturing. Employers are looking for people who aren’t afraid to step up and point out breaches in safety practices and procedures. If possible, cite a real example of a time you stepped in when someone was working unsafely.

Have You Ever Had a Conflict With a Coworker? What Was the Outcome?

Everyone has had a conflict with a coworker throughout their career. The important thing is the way you deal with such conflict. Talk about a real experience you had that ended positively. Show how you helped end the conflict and work toward a resolution.

Why Do You Like Working in Manufacturing?

Employers want to hire people who actually like what they do. Not every day will be a picnic, which is why it’s so important to actually enjoy the field itself. Be honest and don’t be afraid to show real enthusiasm. Passion is important, and it is something that can’t be taught.

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Don’t just ask about salary and vacation or, “what’s a typical day like?” Use this time to ask thoughtful questions about the nature of the job to show you’ve thought about what it would be like to work at the company.

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