Why Candidates in Staffing Agency Databases Get Hired Faster Than Candidates on Job Boards

Hiring a new employee can take anywhere from three weeks to six months. There are a host of reasons why hiring can drag on, but typically, it boils down to a lack of resources and time. Hiring often gets pushed to the back burner when there are other organizational priorities, and a slow hiring process can cost you candidates along the way.

Posting jobs to job boards and waiting for talent to come banging on your door virtually ensures you will have a long road ahead of you. If you want access high-quality candidates quickly, it’s time to partner with a staffing agency.

Staffing Agencies Build Pipelines 

A “staffing agency database” is more than just a collection of names and resumes. It is a pipeline of talent that has already been vetted, skills-verified and background checked. These candidates have met with a recruiter and discussed their experience and goals, and they have expressed interest in finding new opportunities.

When a recruiter gets your job order, the first place they turn is their talent pipeline. They can match potential candidates based on skills, then go back and determine whether candidates are also aligned with the culture of the organization and a good overall fit for the role.  Hiring managers will then receive a shortlist of candidates who are aligned with their needs. All that is left to do is meet those candidates, evaluate them and determine who to hire.

This saves companies significant time in the hiring process by providing hiring managers with direct access to qualified candidates.

Staffing Agencies Proactively Pursue Talent

Not every candidate in a recruiter’s database will be qualified and aligned for every role. Often, recruiters have to go out and source talent from the market. However, unlike a company conducting its search by posting a job and hoping for the best, recruiters have plenty of time and resources at their disposal to actively connect with potential candidates.

Internal search teams have many priorities, but staffing agency recruiters focus all of their time on accurately filling job orders. They can devote resources to proactively pursue candidates, rather than posting to job boards and waiting for candidates to apply.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Hiring Process? 

If you are ready to speed up your hiring process while simultaneously improving the accuracy of new hires, contact the staffing experts at The Reserves Network today.

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