Online Etiquette: What to Say and When to Be Quiet

You’re browsing Facebook when you see an interesting job post pop up in your feed. What do you do next? Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to engage with recruiting firms and hiring managers on social media. Before you comment, make sure you know the proper etiquette.

Don’t Assume You Are Owed Anything

Recruiters and hiring managers post jobs on Facebook to attract qualified candidates. That may or may not be you, so never assume you are owed any anything by a recruiter. Don’t post things like, “Call me to discuss,” or, “I’m interested in applying,” or “My son needs a job today.” Think of the Facebook post as the same thing as a job board post. If you want to learn more, apply for the job, visit the company website or call the office directly.

Don’t Ask Improper Questions

While some hiring managers may monitor posts and answer questions, Facebook is not the place to jump in and start asking about salary, paid vacation, job duties, etc. You may be excited and genuinely want to know more, but the proper way is to formally apply for the job and ask those questions if you are called for a phone screen or interview.

Don’t Use Vulgar Language

Facebook is a very public platform where you are represented by your first and last name and your photo. If you a) dislike a company, b) have a negative relationship with the hiring manager or c) were rejected for a job previously, resist the urge to reply in a visceral manner. Being vulgar is a great way to get yourself blacklisted from a staffing firm or other employer. Don’t forget: people in the staffing industry talk to each other.

Be the Consummate Professional

Facebook is an informal place, but when you’re on a job hunt, you must maintain professionalism at all times – even online. Recruiters and hiring managers will judge you based on comments you leave online, and even if you are simply eager, it can often come off as rude or unprofessional. When you see a job you’re interested in on Facebook, avoid the “comment,” button altogether. Instead, apply for the job, visit the company website or pick up the phone. You’ll be doing yourself and your career a favor by taking the professional road.

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