5 Ways to Improve Your Daily Work Routine

Do you often feel like there are not enough hours in the workday to get your tasks done? While you can’t add more time to the day, you can improve your work routine to maximize the time you do have.

Optimize Your To-Do List

Each morning, make a list of the tasks you must complete for the day and then optimize it for maximum productivity. Work on similar tasks in time blocks so you can finish one type of task before moving on to something else. When blocking your time and optimizing your schedule, consider your natural energy levels. Schedule tasks that require the most brainpower during your peak performance hours.

Close Email And Chats

Email and IM notifications can impede your ability to focus. Check your email first thing in the morning and then close the program. Check it again before lunch, after lunch and at the end of the day. While you are zoning in and focused on work, mute your IM programs and put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. When you’re out of the zone and ready to stand up and take a break, check your phone and chats.

Don’t worry about missing something important. If someone can’t reach you on text or chat channels, they will walk to your desk or call your office phone.

Limit Social Time

Your coworkers can be your biggest distraction and your biggest obstacle to getting things done. It’s perfectly ok to socialize with your teammates, but limit it to chatting while you grab your coffee, lunch time, or designated break times. You can send a signal that you’re busy by popping earbuds in (even if you’re not actually listening to anything). If you get out of the habit of engaging in gossip and chatter, you’ll get more done during the day.

Prioritize Error Checks

Reworking projects can be a time- and morale-killer. Before turning anything over to your boss or coworkers, double-check it for errors. When someone sends work to you, read their directions and documentation and make sure you understand it and have everything you need. If something is incomplete or wrong, kick it back immediately so you aren’t scrambling to pin down what you need when you’re ready to begin the work.

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