What Should Your General Labor Resume Look Like?

As a laborer, you might not think too much about your resume. However, that resume is the first thing potential employers see when you apply for a job. You want your resume to be modern, easy-to-read and to make the case that you deserve an interview. Competition for labor jobs is fierce, and you can’t afford to be eliminated by an outdated or poorly-organized resume.

Include Relevant Contact Information

Make it easy for the hiring manager to contact you. Include phone and email – and make sure your email looks professional. If you’re still using AOL or Yahoo, trade up for a Gmail address and make it a variation of your first name and last name.

Keep it Concise

Rather than writing wordy paragraphs about your work history, use concise bullet points that make it easy for the hiring manager to scan. You want them to be able to tell at-a-glance whether your resume is worth a closer read.

Ditch The Objective

Hiring managers know your objective is to get hired for their open job. Instead of wasting space on an objective, summarize your career in a professional statement. Outline your skills, years of experience and notable achievements.

Leave Off Buzzwords

Don’t use vague buzzwords that everyone else uses like “talented” and “hardworking.” Instead, focus on your achievements at your previous jobs. Perhaps you helped design a new safety program that reduced accidents by 50% or you helped develop a new process that increased output. Get specific about the value you’ve brought to previous employers.

Use Relevant Keywords

Most light industrial employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS), automated scanning programs that score your resume based on how well it matches the job description. Make sure you include the skills listed in the posting on page one of your resume.


Your new job may not require you to do much writing, but you still want to present yourself as a professional. Avoid sending out resumes with mistakes and typos, as those errors could lead to instant rejection.

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