How to Be Indispensable to Your Boss

No matter your job description, any employee’s most important role is to make the boss’ job easier. If you can master what it takes to achieve that, you’ll be well on your way to becoming indispensable.

Here are a few ideas to be indispensable to your boss, and hopefully, make your place in the company more secure.

Anticipate problems. Being a problem-solver is a valuable skill, but even more essential is the ability to predict and prevent problems in the workplace. Keep your eyes open for issues your manager should be aware of or that you can even address yourself.

Over communicate. Keep your boss in the loop in their preferred format. Your manager may want to set up weekly or monthly update meetings or they may prefer a more informal arrangement such as emailing or dropping by the office as needed. Follow their lead and use this time to keep them informed and also to discuss your professional goals.

Volunteer for projects. Don’t wait for things to be assigned to you. Volunteer to take them on before your boss even asks. Not only will this make you indispensable, it also gives you the opportunity to choose projects that interest you most rather than getting stuck with something that’s not quite up your alley.

Be self-sufficient. Don’t be high maintenance. Take care of everything you can on your own. If you do need help with something, try to give your manager as much notice as possible so they can easily fit it into their schedule.

Take initiative. If you see something that needs to be done, just do it. This goes double for tasks that are the boss’s responsibility, but not their favorite. You may be able to increase your responsibilities and the scope of your job this way.

Be reliable. Get to work on time. Get your work done. Don’t watch the clock. If you need time off, schedule it as far in advance as possible. To a motivated worker, this may seem very basic, but you’ll set yourself apart from individuals who don’t have your work ethic.

Ask what’s next. Always be eager to take on the next thing. This not only makes you indispensable, it prevents you from getting bored, which almost always results in a drop in productivity.

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