How to Keep Your Staff Motivated During the Holiday Season

The attraction of the holidays can cause staff to be inattentive at work, leading to lower productivity. More often that not, this time of year can be the busiest for your company. So how do you keep your staff motivated while not squashing their holiday joy?

“During the holiday season, many employees are on leave and others tend to lose focus and momentum, “ said Kimberly Hancock, branch manager at The Reserves Network. “We recommend taking proactive steps to engage them at this time to achieve year-end goals.”

By incorporating a few simple steps, you can keep the workplace stress-free and productive during the holiday season.


  1. Thank Your Employees

Give your staff small gifts or heartfelt notes to encourage them to be more committed and motivated at work.


  1. Plan an Employee Appreciation Day or Trip

If your budget allows for this, your employees will thank you for breaking up the monotony of office routine. Order breakfast or lunch and make it a celebratory occasion while showing your gratitude at the same time.


  1. Organize Work Schedules to Reduce Pressure

By planning in advance, you can distribute work evenly and meet targets without stressing your employees during the holiday season.


  1. Offer Flexible Working Options

Refusing holidays outright is likely to result in resentment. Flexible scheduling provides breathing space for employees while ensuring that year-end goals are met. Work-from-home or telecommuting options ease stress and promote engagement.


  1. Focus on Urgent Work

Encourage employees to focus on urgent and important tasks immediately at hand. Scheduling other work for later allows them to concentrate more effectively, as there are fewer distractions.


  1. Show Understanding and Empathy

Consider creating a staggered vacation plan where every employee gets some time off. This strategy allows for consistent office coverage, which makes you happy, and a break for your staff, which makes them happy. Plus, they’ll know you as an empathetic manager, which could help ease tension or resolve conflict in the future.


Embrace the Holiday Spirit While Motivating Your Employees to Work

Staying positive and showing concern for employee wellbeing can help your team focus better. Taking steps to keep them engaged can help you begin the new year on a confident note.

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