How to Respond to a Recruiter

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When a recruiter reaches out to you, it means they’re considering you as a potential fit for a client’s open job position. Although this is a good reason to feel flattered, there’s a right and wrong way to respond if you want to be considered over other applicants. Keep in mind that responding to a recruiter does not oblige you to commit to the next step; it simply means that you are willing to listen to what they have to say.

Responding with tact and sensitivity sets the stage for future interactions since you may gain access to employment opportunities that aren’t openly advertised. Displaying confidence, highlighting your passion and asking the right questions can help you foster a positive relationship with a recruiter.

Unsolicited contact is a good thing, but most people are not prepared for the moment. Here are 4 things to think about:


  1. Listen carefully before responding

Start with thanking the recruiter for their time. Listen carefully to what they have to say before deciding on a response. Even if you’re not looking to change jobs presently, respectful interactions will pave the way for future employment opportunities. Avoid expressing disinterest before you hear the details. Make an informed decision after you’ve listened to the facts instead.


  1. Respond with honest feedback, combined with courtesy

If you’re interested in hearing the details about the job opening, express your interest honestly. If the recruiter has requested to speak with you, let them know a convenient time to chat or call. Feel free to ask questions about the prospective opening. If the role is not appropriate for you, remember to respond with a courteous “no thanks.” This is also a good time to discuss the kind of job opportunities that you would be willing to consider.


  1. Ask for more information or time

At times, you may find yourself interested in the opportunity, but want further information. In such cases, provide the recruiter with the specifics of why you are unable to decide at the moment. Ensure that you clearly communicate details regarding your situation, preferences and timeline. This information will help the recruiter serve you with better opportunities in the future.


  1. Showcase yourself as a stand-out candidate

If you are interested in the position, show your interest and passion while evaluating the opportunity at the same time. Explain your requirements in simple terms and get a feel for the job position as you communicate with the recruiter. Explain why you think you are a good fit for the role.

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