3 Reasons Community Involvement Can Improve Employee Engagement

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Have you ever considered investing time and energy in the community through your company? Community service might seem like an individual decision, but it can actually boost engagement with your employees and improve your work environment.

According to a recent survey of employed adults between the ages of 21 and 35, those who regularly participate in workplace volunteer activities are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career.

Here are three reasons why: 


It’s an important cycle that can seriously improve company morale and bring new customers through your door. Volunteer opportunities for companies include connecting with a neighborhood school, organizing and holding a fundraising event for a local homeless shelter, or getting involved in a community garden. 


Effective managers give their team members plenty of opportunities to prove their value and excel beyond expectations. When employees are interested in taking a leadership role, they take advantage of these opportunities—often being the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Investing time in your community beyond your day job, volunteering on useful projects, and centering your attention on new activities can foster new professional skills and sharpen others. For example, your employees might improve in fundraising, mentoring, managing teams, organizing projects, building presentations, and speaking in public.

Sometimes community service is simply a chance to give back to other local businesses and important causes. But it can also bring out the best in your employees and point to clear promotions. 


While you should never require employees to get involved in community service outside of work hours, having the option can boost participation and passion on both sides of your company walls.

It’s easier than ever before to incentivize volunteering, encouraging your employees to spend their Saturday morning in a community garden, running a soup kitchen, or raising money for a good cause.

For example, you can provide paid time off, assign leadership roles, offer multiple volunteer options, or reward good deeds through public recognition. Eventually, your employees will get involved because they want to be, as community service is often enjoyable and fun.

All of this can drastically increase team engagement and participation. Employees that can collaborate outside of work can certainly collaborate inside. You might even find your team discussing and planning their next outing during work hours. 

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