How to Forge A Better Relationship with Your Boss

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One of the greatest factors contributing to happiness and success at work is how good, or how bad, your relationship with your boss is.  A bad relationship with your boss can stagnate your career and prevent upward mobility with your employer.

To create and maintain a healthy, productive, and successful working relationship with your boss, here are a few things of which to be mindful.


  1. Perspective

If some of your manager’s demands seem unreasonable, take a moment and view the situation from their perspective. Empathize with their position and evaluate the circumstances for their requests.


  1. Ask for Feedback

Check in regularly with your boss to see if there is anything you can improve upon. If you are planning to apply for a promotion, your supervisor’s evaluation of your work is invaluable.


  1. Offer to Help

Volunteering to assist with additional tasks demonstrates leadership skills and can help prove that you are capable of advancement within the organization. Additionally, offering to help shows you are a good team player.


  1. Respect Your Boss

Treating your superior with respect is a workplace expectation. Failure to do so could seriously curtail your ability to advance in your career.


  1. Communication

Establish an open line of communication with your boss. Discuss important issues in person and address time-sensitive matters immediately. Do not solely rely on email – make the effort to interact with your boss face-to-face as much as possible.


  1. Try to Connect

Bosses are humans too. Take time to get to know your boss and converse about topics outside work. Find similar interests to forge a connection that is more personal.


  1. Accountability

If you make a mistake, own up to it. Keep your promises. If you find yourself unable to meet a deadline, inform your boss without delay. Do not make excuses, blame others, or attempt to avoid responsibility for your actions and decisions.


  1. Avoid Gossip

Do not participate in office gossip or controversial discussions. Avoid conflict at work and side step office drama.

A strong relationship with your boss positively contributes to fulfillment and happiness with your job. Since the average time spent at one job is almost 4 ½ years, ensuring a strong relationship with your boss important. If you want to learn more about ways to work on, strengthen, and improve your relationship with your existing boss or potentially a new one, contact the The Reserves Network today.


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