5 Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Any Good Employer Can Embrace

5 Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Any Good Employer Can Embrace


While the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is typically associated with philanthropy and charity work, it now encompasses many aspects of a company’s long-term game plan, including public relations, marketing, and even recruitment.

Now more than ever, job seekers don’t just want to apply for the highest-paying jobs – they want to be part of organizations that share their values, whether it’s caring for the environment, helping the community, working with the academe, or treating employees well.

Your ability to practice social responsibility can be the difference between great talent choosing your company or a competitor.


  1. Transparency

In today’s Information Age, organizations are under pressure to protect their trade secrets, preventing this information from leaking on the Internet. Instead of taking people’s attention away from the way you do business, the more socially responsible thing to do is to take the opposite path, being open and transparent about your company and its inner workings.

Sure, you should still keep some things within your company. But for the most part, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain when you’re aggressively and openly transparent about your practices.


  1. Make Sustainable Choices

Sustainable business practices are often what catch the attention of both consumers and potential employees who share a deep concern over society’s impact on the environment. From using recycled copy paper to implementing a plastic-free workplace, there are many ways for your company to make small, sustainable decisions that have a significant impact on the environment.


  1. Give Back to the Community

Aside from making socially responsible decisions with a global impact, corporate social responsibility should also start at a grassroots level. You can never go wrong with finding ways to be engaged in your local community, whether it’s by sponsoring community events or hosting charity activities. Being active in the community shows potential employees that you’re not just out there to make a profit – you’re also a company that sincerely cares about making a difference.


  1. Support Local Enterprises

Other than participating in community events and community service, your company can also support your local community’s entrepreneurs and small businesses. When possible, purchase from local suppliers to promote growth within the immediate area. You can also sponsor trade shows and even invest in local startups to spur growth and development.


  1. Make CSR a Core Part of Doing Business

Any organization that believes in genuine corporate social responsibility will not wait for any employee to motivate everyone else to adopt responsible practices. CSR has to come from the top. When it’s part of your company’s core beliefs, any responsible actions you take become more effective and authentic. And potential employees will see this and realize that you’re not just paying lip service to CSR—you actually put your money where your mouth is.

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